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Read how Kaz's remote viewing work has helped lots of people the world over in resolving love relationship problems and so much more!


Kaz often gets asked about how she has helped other people using her specialist, advanced level, post graduate and certificated remote viewing (7th sense) and remote influencing skills, which become part of specialist packages of problem solving work which Kaz undertakes to resolve a whole host of life and love problems for her world wide family of very happy and satisfied clients.....


Here are just some of the fascinating case studies resulting from Kaz's expert and specialist work in the field of remote viewing and remote influencing.


Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing are not over the phone services like psychic readings, they are designed by Kaz Psychic to be used as part of love and love relationship problem solving work performed for you by Kaz Psychic who reports on her work during telephone conversations once the work has been completed (off-line with a team of specialist people all qualified in Remote Viewing and Remote influencing).. Initial consultations to discuss your love and love relationship problems are advised in advance of commissioning Kaz's amazing specialist services.


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Kaz Psychic - Remote Viewing Case Studies

Kaz has helped many people the world over with her phenomenal expertise in remote viewing and remote influencing, problem solving, mind scripting changes successfully, reuniting lovers


RV Case Studies 804 x 536 Ken, Kaz, Karlie & Lyn Buchanan May 2008-min

Left to right: Dr. Wade PhD, Kaz, Karlie and Lyn Buchanan Remote Viewing Trainer

on the last day of their post graduate advanced level training course in remote viewing and remote influencing.


Anthea from SW UK,

Dentist triumphs over adversity thanks to Kaz's work ~

Anthea from S W. UK phoned Kaz, she was a practicing dentist working in a partnership of 5 dentists, of which she was one. Two of her partners were doing all possible to sabotage her work, and drive her out of the practice. Anthea was at her wits end, there seemed to be no way to stop these two female partners from causing her extensive grief, making her work all that more difficult.


Anthea consulted Kaz, initially about the fact that these two partners were also trying to wreck her relationship with one of the male partners, so this being the main cause for concern initially saw us embark on some remote viewing to uncover the motives on the part of these two female partners.


Jealousy was the obvious motive to most, but through our remote viewing work, Kaz uncovered the real reason, and that was that they wanted to push Anthea out of the practice to get all of her patients for themselves, and this is because, they were losing patients to Anthea and others in the practice, who were two male partners, whom they didn't see fit to challenge, because of their trying to push their patients into having Botox treatments from them as well as dental treatment. Most of the patients they lost as a result, didn't want Botox, whilst others didn't like the way in which they were treated by these two female dentists.


Kaz's work was extensive and concluded by Kaz achieving what appeared to be an impossible outcome, that being, that through Kaz using a combination of remote viewing, remote influencing, mind scripting, and remote abreactions, Kaz created an environment where the two females decided to move on to new practices, the two male partners retired and Anthea was able to buy out all four of the other partners, for an amazingly good price, thanks to Kaz's remote influencing and brain entrainment work, programming Anthea to attract a significant amount of additional patients and with them increased income, so that a lending bank was agreeable to offering her a commercial mortgage for a low rate of interest.


Anthea was further helped by Dr. Kenneth R Wade a Doctor of financial economics, investment and a second to none finance guru, to whom Kaz refers many clients for expert business help and support, in forming business plans to submit to banks when applying for funding to secure commercial loans and mortgages etc. Dr. Wade is a world class expert on investment and finance and is also available through calling Kaz for help and support and for business consultations, for those of you who require Dr. Ken Wade's support and expertise. Dr Ken Wade has advised the United Kingdom government's treasury select committee on investment and finance.


The combination of Kaz's specialist services has now resulted in Anthea obtaining full control over the entire former 5 partner practice, with her own staff working under her expert umbrella, she has seen a very significant increase in income/greater prosperity and a much closer and more fulfilling relationship with one of her former male partners, which has resulted in Anthea enjoying a far happier life and much greater peace of mind.

The turmoil that once prevailed is now well behind her and the dental practice has bloomed with the addition of more professional and more specialist dentists working at the practice, which now offers more diverse expertise dental treatments for its ever growing list of patients. So everyone has benefited from Kaz's work, from Anthea to her patients and also loved ones close to her.


In addition to Kaz's remote viewing and remote influencing work, Anthea had expressed a desire to specialize in treating patients with phobia's of dentists, and this has gained phenomenal success for Anthea to the benefit of her patients.


Anthea has a good chair side manner and has very successfully helped some of her patients to overcome their phobia, but some of her patients had phobia's which were just too deep seated, so Kaz who is also a brain entrainment consultant, created a series of bespoke Brain Entrainment CD's for Anthea and she has played them whilst all of her patients with deep seated phobia's of dentists, were having their treatment and also whilst she was talking to the most phobic of her patients in consultation, including those who had previously shown little hope of ever overcoming their phobia of dentists. The result of Kaz's Brain Entrainment CD's was that all of Anthea's patients including those seemingly beyond redemption, were found to fully relax in the chair and overcome their once stubborn phobia's of Dentists.

Anthea's dental practice as with herself personally, are now renowned for treating seriously phobic patients, who have never been previously able to overcome their fears of dentists.


As a result of Kaz's different pieces of remote viewing and remote influencing work for Anthea, Anthea very kindly gave Kaz and her team the following testimonial:


"I am so glad that I stumbled upon Kaz when I was feeling at my wits end with a life situation. I was put through to Kaz who initially stated exactly what was going on. I remember her saying ‘we can help you with that’. I grasped the opportunity with both hands and I can truly say that the transformation has been incredible. Kaz has worked meticulously through every aspect of my problems leaving no stone unturned. I am much calmer, I can face things head on, and my situation has improved. I would wholeheartedly recommend this superb ethical company to anyone".

"She is amazing! She is such a helpful and amazing person knows exactly what she was talking about. This is the 1st time in my life I have found someone who understands far beyond normal life and goes beyond what is on the surface. I am very grateful to her 10/10!" Anthea. UK.


Susan from NE UK, finally becomes employable ~

Susan consulted Kaz, whilst distraught following a catalogue of harrowing experiences, caused in the main by a malicious female, who had not only stolen her man, but also blackmailed her out of thousands of pounds, scare mongering Susan into believing that if she failed to pay these blackmail demands, that her aggressor would place a hex upon her and something terrible would happen to her.


As a result of the systematic abuse by Susan's aggressor, Susan became so distraught that she tried to end her life, and ended up in hospital. Susan lost her job, and the psychiatrists deemed her unemployable, which reduced Susan to having to live off state benefits, which plunged her into so much debt that she lost her home and had to move to a rented flat, in a bad area of her hometown. The abuse continued, and Susan made a second attempt to end her life.


Susan contacted Kaz, who commenced work immediately to resolve the appalling situation Susan had found herself in.


Kaz sent Susan some bespoke brain entrainment CD's and then worked hard to reassure Susan that her aggressor would not harm her with any black magic hexes.


Amazing changes started to occur, as a result of the powerful remote influencing work, which started when the man Susan loved, dumped Susan's aggressor who then became mentally unstable, and ended up on the same hospital ward as Susan, where she was caught in the act of threatening Susan with hexes.


The cause of Susan's despair now out in the open, meant that those who had thought Susan to be paranoid, and who had disbelieved that Susan was telling the truth about her aggressors threats against her, resulted in Susan successfully obtaining a county court injunction to protect Susan from her aggressor, who in turn was prosecuted for abuse, and ordered to repay all of the money she had blackmailed Susan for.


Susan was then in a position to afford her own home, in a nicer part of her home town, following which, Susan was reunited with her man, and the local authority offered Susan a job in a health centre for twice the pay per hour, than she was previously on at her previous job.


Susan has since passed her exams, paid for by the local authority, as part of in-service training, and has since had a further pay rise and promotion. The remarkable difference in Susan to when she first came through to Kaz, is clear to see.


Susan very kindly gave Kaz the following testimonial as a result of the success of her work for Susan:


"I didn't think I was employable but now I have a full time well paid local authority job. My life has turned around in just a few weeks of commissioning Kaz to remote view and remote influence for me, and it just gets better and better. Thanks to Kaz , I got everything I wished for". Susan S - North East UK.


Gary's business & home was saved at the 11th hour ~

Gary and his wife had taken the risk of renting a commercial building in which they invested their life's savings, converting the building into a restaurant, fitting it out beautifully and which was starting to build into a good thriving business, But then disaster hit, a massive storm blew the roof the building, and to Gary's horror his insurance would not cover him for the repair because he was only the tenant.


Naturally Gary was unable to trade with the building being in disrepair and unsafe to entertain customers. Gary approached his landlord, who prior to this disaster, had been a complete and utter nightmare, raising the rent frequently and refusing to effect repairs. Gary's landlord refused to repair the roof, and threatened Gary that if he didn't pay to get the roof fixed he would evict him from the premises.


Gary consulted a lawyer who said that Gary had rights to repair, and wrote to Gary's landlord to say so, asking for the repairs to be done with speed, given that Gary was unable to earn an income, and support his family.


A harrowing battle commenced, and Gary soon found himself, having to sell personal valuables, like wedding rings, things of high sentimental value, and also to re-mortgage his home, he took out loans just to feed his family and the negative spiral got so out of hand that Gary's rogue landlord was not only threatening eviction but also bankruptcy, his landlord was still demanding rent on the building,


Gary phoned Kaz on a Thursday, he was due in court on the following Monday, so Kaz had little time to step into the breach to effect Gary's rescue, but Kaz decided to try and see what she could do, with remote influencing.


An amazing turn around of events occurred, amid Gary being despondent on account of his landlord being a society man, mixing in circles with local judges and magistrates. Gary feared that his landlords society standing might prejudice the case and see him losing everything. Gary had been out selling his wedding ring just before he phoned Kaz, and was in a terrible state, he had been trying to sell all he had in order to offer something in court by way of money to show that he did intend to pay off some of his rent arrears, despite his rogue landlord not having repaired the roof and also having no income as a result. But this is what happened through the remote influencing work by Kaz.......


The judge presiding over the case, tore a strip of Gary's landlord, and ordered him to pay for the roof repairs, and to refund Gary the rent for the 12 months, and that this crazy situation had gone on for far too long, the Judge also ordered the landlord to pay Gary's legal bill, and refused to make Gary bankrupt or grant an eviction order as his landlord had hoped would happen.


The judge told Gary's landlord quote "you should be ashamed of yourself for the way in which you have treated this gentleman and his wife, and if you had any commonsense or any decency, not to mention business acumen, you would have rendered the building into a better state of repair and loaned them the money to get by during the period of repair, in return for asking if you could be a silent partner, and have shares in what was a formerly growing, thriving and increasing business, in return for meeting any needs they might have for fitting out the premises and improving it"!


Gary has since been able to buy the building from his former rogue landlord and his home and business were saved at the 11th hour. Additionally, Gary's business is now thriving and going from strength to strength within plans to expand and open new branches.


As a result of Kaz's fast and successful work, Gary very kindly gave Kaz the following testimonial:


"I first asked for Kaz's help when I was going through a very bad time financially. I was negative and everything just seemed to get worse, I could see no light, I felt trapped. Kaz used remote viewing & mind scripting techniques. Within days my negativity lifted. I now see the world in a new positive way and feel the power to make changes in my life for the better. Thank you Kaz, you are wonderful!". Gary - Stockton On Tees.


Patricia T, gets the nice version of her Mother back!

Patricia, was distraught, because there had been a negative and radical change in her mother, who had gone from being nice, caring and amenable to the family, to becoming aggressive, nasty, uncaring, unhelpful and throwing everyone out of the family home. This lead to Patricia's brother falling in with a bad crowd and taking drugs, amid periods of homelessness. Patricia tried to help her mother but met with abuse, there was just no way of reasoning with her mother or getting to the bottom of why this negative change in her mother had occurred.


Patricia contacted Kaz, and decided to have Kaz embark on some remote viewing and remote influencing work, and within a short space of time, a miracle occurred ....


Patricia's mother changed back to her former nice, and caring self, she had no recollection of how she had been behaving and as advised by Kaz. Patricia to just put the past behind her, not mention how her mother had been behaving, in order to keep the peace.


Kaz worked on ensuring that her mother never reverted back to the nasty side she had shown and to date Kaz's work has sustained. Patricia's brother no longer takes drugs and is back home with his mother not to mention, holding down a good full time job, having turned his life around and all of this was the result of some further work from Kaz in order to help Patricia's brother.


Patricia very kindly gave Kaz a glowing testimonial which reads:


"The change in my Mum is phenomenal, is the only way I can describe it so far, it's awesome. We've had a Mum who has been joyful and happy. We got back home and she was still on a high. Normally she makes us feel like crying. Thank you! 20/10!". Patricia T. Buckinghamshire".


Lisa thought her boyfriend would never come back to her but he did ~

Lisa consulted Kaz when her relationship had gone pear shaped, her boyfriend who had been somewhat of a Yo Yo, in her life, had seemingly gone for good, following a major row, during which their heated exchanges, had seen them saying things to each other which they had both very deeply regretted.


Lisa's boyfriend, an obstinate man, vowed he was never coming back, and had started a relationship with another woman in the area, even moving in with the other woman, and so soon after breaking off his engagement to Lisa too.


Lisa initially consulted Kaz for a psychic reading, during which, the distressing situation Lisa was very soon picked up on by Kaz.


Lisa asked Kaz if she knew how a reunion could be effected. Kaz suggested remote viewing and remote influencing work, which was subsequently commissioned by Lisa.


Things changed very quickly, Lisa received a phone call from her ex fiancé asking if he could meet her to talk with her. Lisa had the notion that this was for the purposes of him collecting the remainder of his belongings from their former shared home, in which she still resided.


To Lisa's surprise, her ex fiancé, turned up with flowers and begged her to take him back, assuring her that it was all over with the other woman and that he would never leave her again.


Lisa is now married and happy with her man and he has remained loyal ever since, but not only that, they no longer argue and things are far more smooth flowing and fulfilling.


Following Kaz's work for Lisa, Lisa kindly gave Kaz the following testimonial:


"Kaz is really helping me through a difficult time right now, she has been great. I mean, she offers supporting guidance, because my relationship at the moment has gone a bit pear shaped, and I think she has just been fab. 10/10 I think she's brilliant, I honestly do. It's fascinating stuff. When I first initially phoned I just thought it was a psychic reading, and it's remote viewing! I had no clue what it was about, and when I spoke to Kaz that night and she explained it a bit more of the work she did, and it's just opened up from there. But I just think it's excellent, that's why I keep bothering you! Because you know when I'm in a sticky patch I'll ring Kaz, she always gives me a solution. She has been though loads of stuff and she really knows her stuff! I do think she is amazing." Lisa. Cardiff.


Lyn Buchanan (Kaz's remote viewing trainer) got a lady out of a wheelchair and walking again ~

Lyn Buchanan is thee most amazing gentleman anyone could ever wish to meet as well as to train with in remote viewing and remote influencing. Kaz is honoured to have met Lyn, and to trained in remote viewing and remote influencing with him. During Kaz's training with Lyn, Lyn related this amazing success story to Kaz:


A man and his son once consulted Lyn, because the man's wife (and the son's mother) had ended up in a wheelchair following a serious automobile accident in the United States of America.


Doctors, after many long months of treatment and physiotherapy claimed that this lady would be able to walk but could not understand why she refused to, preferring to remain in her wheelchair.


The man and his son asked Lyn if remote influencing could help, to which Lyn replied "It is possible, but why should I help this to happen?"


"What do you mean by this Lyn?", asked the man.


"Well now", said Lyn, " before your wife had the accident she was a slave to you two guys was she not"?


"How do you work that one out?" asked the man.


"Well, now, am I not right in saying, that you guys would get out of bed every morning leaving clothes on the bedroom floor and dirty dishes in the kitchen sink and go off to work, coming home to expect your wife to have picked up your dirty laundry, washed and ironed it, washed the dishes you left for herein the sink, and cooked and shopped for the food you two ate"? Asked Lyn.


"Why of course" replied the man!


"So you wonder why your wife refuses to walk again?" asked Lyn.


"What do you mean" asked the man.


"Well, am I right in saying that since your wife ended up in a wheelchair, that you have had to skivvy after her instead?" Asked Lyn!


"Well yes" said the man.


"So why should I remote influence your wife to get out of her wheelchair to skivvy after you guys again?" Asked Lyn!


"Well Lyn, if I agree not to make my Mum have to skivvy after me will you help her" asked the Son!


"Right answer" said Lyn!


"So what about you, are you with your Son on this"? Asked Lyn!


The man reluctantly agreed and promised Lyn that he would not revert back to is old ways as did the Son.


Lyn then said:


"Before I start this work you do know that if I succeed in getting your wife out of the wheelchair that she will probably leave you don't you"?


"Well now, wait a minute, I don't want that!" said the man.


"Well even if she leaves us, I want to see her walking again Lyn, so will you still help my Mum"? Said the Son.


"Right answer!" said Lyn!


And what about you, do you still want me to get your wife out of the wheelchair in spite of this?" asked Lyn of the man.


The man pondered and then asked "Well why would she still leave us if you do the work?"


Lyn replied: "Pride, self-respect, the need for you to earn the right to have her back and to prove that you will no longer treat her like a slave or skivvy, she will require time to see that you really have changed, and may come back after that." replied Lyn.


The man and his son agreed that Lyn should do this work, and Lyn subsequently did the remote influencing work on the man's wife/son's mother.


Sure enough the woman got out of her wheelchair, and walked out one day whilst the man and his son were out at work.


Some months later, the Son collided with his mother in a shopping mall and begged her to return home and that he and his Dad had changed and would no longer treat her like a slave.


The woman came home a few months later, and the man and his son have continued to pull their weight around the home and shown her more respect, but of course Lyn helped that process along by remote influencing the man and his son to change and have more respect, being fair to all concerned and the result was that everyone was happy and settled in a far better and more amicable home environment than ever before!


These are just some of the case histories Kaz can share with you, but hey, watch this space as more will be added from time to time!


Let Kaz solve your problems for you

Kaz is trained in Remote Viewing and 'Remote Influencing' (known as medical applications or 'Med App's' in the trade). This means that Kaz can remotely influence things to happen and this aids in the ability to resolve your problems for you, whilst you get on with your life. Kaz can remote influence the mind set and actions of others, but Kaz does not do this for any unethical reason and she will not be a party to forcing anyone to do what is against their own free will.


Kaz works hard for you

Remote viewing & Remote Influencing work is initially conducted over a period of one week, during which time Kaz works 24/7 to gather the information you require/toward desired outcome you seek. Kaz delivers a report over the telephone, in a follow up consultation at the end of the week's work. The length of time she remote views and remote influences for you, depends upon the complexity of the problem to hand, occasionally further work may be required.


History of Remote Viewing

To read about the fascinating history of Remote Viewing go here.


Remote Influencing on love

Kaz uses remote influencing to help resolve just about every love and relationship issue there is. Remote influencing on love is a very specialized field and often very complex too. To read more about remote influencing on love, go here.


Remote viewing on love

Remote viewing on love is also a specialized field of expertise, few remote viewers want to remote view on love for a whole host of reasons but Kaz has made this her life's work and is a world renowned expert in remote viewing on love. To read more about remote viewing on love go here.


Professor Jessica Utts

Professor Jessica Utts from the University of California has written a serious paper offering conclusive proof that there is some validity in remote viewing and its ability to yield results, and indeed other paranormal phenomena. This is based on serious scientific and statistical research by Professor Utts. To read her paper go here.


Call Kaz who offers a life and love 'Problem Solving Services' a must, when you have problems that you wish to overcome. These include Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.


To read more about Kaz's unique, specialist and exclusive to Kaz Psychic "Problem Solving Services" go here.


You must be positive

The success Kaz's work is assisted by you having a positive mental attitude toward the desired outcome and upon your cooperation with any recommendations they may offer, both during and after the work is completed. Negativity can damage the work Kaz is doing for you.



Although Kaz guarantees that she will do the work you have commissioned, but she cannot guarantee it's success but only because she cannot force you to take advice she gives you or additionally, force you to use bespoke audio's made for you to support the work being done for you, nor can Kaz force you to be truthful with her (some people are not).


A lot of work will be carried out on your behalf by Kaz personally, whose time must be paid for, and therefore she cannot give a refund. (There are NO guarantees with remote viewing or psychic readings either), and this not only applies to Kaz's work for you but to the industry as a whole.


Kaz - high success rate

Kaz's success rate is very high, the exceptions are almost always, with those who fail to take her advice, are negative and impatient, allow themselves to be influenced by skeptical friends, or try to combine our work with esotericism, such as black magick spells etc. Lack of trust in the process of Kaz's work for you, also serves to breed negativity, which will damage what Kaz is trying to do for you.


Kaz is approachable, caring, non-judgemental

Kaz is friendly, non-judgmental, approachable, discrete, and caring, she is the caring voice of wisdom and expertise. Kaz cares because you matter.


Call Kaz now, to join her worldwide family of very happy and satisfied clients!


Thanks for reading!

Bright positive blessings,

Kaz xx

AS free gift just for you from Kaz Psychic!


A free gift just for you!

You will receive a valuable free gift with every psychic reading or commission of specialist services, including relationship mentoring and coaching, which you commission Kaz to undertake.


Go here to read about the valuable free gifts on offer.


Your free gift can be a free 'Astrological Compatibility (Synastry) chart' on you and a chosen loved one, and it will be emailed to you immediately after your psychic reading with Kaz too!


Kaz will need the following birth data to enable her to draw up your free Kepler Astrology charts:


(1) Full name (forename and surname)(ie. George Clooney).
(2) Date of birth (ie. 6th June 1976)
(3) Time of birth and please state Am or Pm) (if known) (ie. 11.30pm, 2.15 am etc)
(4) Place of birth (to the nearest major town or city and also the country of birth) (ie. London, England, York England etc.


Rectification to discover true birth time

If you do not know your true time of birth Kaz can use astrological rectification to find this out, and to do this she will need information (applicable to events which have happened since you were born - and not prior it) such as:


The month and year of a previous marriage you may have had

The month and year of any divorce you may have had

The month and year of your Mother's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Father's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Grandmother's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Grandfather's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Brother's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Sister's death (if deceased)

The month and year of a previous Husband or Wife's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your child's death (if deceased)

The month and year of an abortion you may have had

The month and year of any term of imprisonment you may have had

The month and year of any extreme situation you may have had

The month and year of any trauma or surgery you may have had

The month and year of any serious illness you may have had


Please have this information to hand when you call Kaz.


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