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Remote Viewing by Kaz

Kaz Psychic

Kaz is an advanced level, post graduate trained & certificated remote viewer

Kaz is not just a world class uncannily accurate clairvoyant psychic and astrologer, she is also an advanced level post graduate trained and certificated remote viewer, and additionally post graduate advanced level trained and certificated in remote influencing.


Remote Viewing (RV)

Remote Viewing (RV) is a technique developed to obtain (often amazingly accurate) information about locations, events, and even someone’s thoughts in the past, present, and future despite the remote viewer being located perhaps thousands of miles from the ‘target’. In 1972 the US Government commissioned the highly acclaimed Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in California to carry out the first scientific studies in RV, and subsequently the US Defence Intelligence Agency operated an RV facility from Fort Meade, Maryland. This reputedly provided intelligence during the Cold War, the first Gulf War, and various other campaigns.


Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using subjective means, in particular, extrasensory perception (ESP) or "sensing with mind".


Remote Viewing is NOT a form of psychic reading

Remote viewing is a US military mental martial art for the mind, performed on paper using strict protocols, it is not a type of telephone psychic reading, or any other form of psychic reading either. as many people in the psychic fraternity might have you believe.


Kaz was trained by Lyn Buchanan

Kaz has been trained to post graduate advanced level CRV by a top world class remote viewing trainer called Lyn Buchanan who for eight years was responsible for training remote viewers at Fort Meade, for the US military during the Cold War.


Remote viewing is also a classroom trained modality, and there is a lot to study spanning many years. Remote viewing is better learned in a classroom environment with a top remote viewing trainer and there are very few such trainers in the world today.


The manual of remote viewing requires intensive study as does the remote viewing methodologies and terminology, not to mention the practice and ongoing work on blind test targets to build up a database recording level of accuracy, all a far cry from a psychic reading or anything which can be done over the phone. Suffice to say, remote viewing is done blind, it is a two person task, whereby the monitor is the only one who knows what the target matter is, the remote viewer is not given any information on the target, so as bias cannot occur. The only clue given to a remote viewer is a vague one for instance, if the subject of the viewing is a person then the clue given will be something like "The target is a biological" (of course this could be an animal, mammal, human or plant! A target such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France would be tasked as "The target is a manmade" - a man made could of course be anything man made! A good remote viewer will after many sessions, produce detailed information on the target, and with phenomenal accuracy. Kaz Psychic is able to get incredibly accurate results from her viewing's.


It takes a humongous amount of work on paper just to get small pieces of information each time a target is worked on, this means endlessly repeating the same process until the whole picture is gained and all of the information required. This is an offline service performed by Kaz Psychic as part of her life and love problem solving work for you.The results though are mind blowing and hugely beneficial and long lasting.


The phenomenal amount of intricate and in depth detail which can be gained from remote viewing far exceeds a mere psychic reading and Kaz can potentially pick upon the mind set and inner most feelings of people as well as potentially obtaining information such as times, dates, descriptions of people, conversations people have had, ambiences, locations and elements in locations! Many people tell Kaz that what she reports on her remote viewing work to them is so uncanny that it is like Kaz has been inside their head and that of their partners, all of which checked out and "left" them nothing short of astonished and astounded. To say the least, the results Kaz is able to yield, are just mind blowing! Please be sure to check out Kaz's terms and conditions and the FAQ page of this web site before commissioning any remote viewing work.


Kaz is also trained in remote influencing

Kaz can help toward the resolving of all of your life and love problems using a combination of remote viewing - to help to gain in depth privy intelligence about the matter to hand, and then remote influencing to remote influence your desired changes, without compromising professional and karmic ethics (unlike with more esoteric workings such as spell casting to resolve love and relationship problems, which has dire consequences, karmically). There are however a strict code of ethics connected to this work and Kaz will never breach those and do anything unethical like invade on the privacy of any individual or remote influence them to do anything which is contrary to their own free will. There are no cast iron guarantee's as to the success of this work, since Kaz cannot force you to co-operate with any advice given which may be given by her to you, in order to aid the success of the work to hand. The success of the work also depends upon the accuracy of the information Kaz obtains from you as to the nature of the issues of concern, any inaccuracies can adversely affect the likelihood of obtaining your desired result as can a negative mind set on your part toward the work and its likelihood of success giving rise to pessimism. This is a team effort between you and Kaz and not some esoteric service which is of a hit and miss nature at the mercy of unseen forces and entities etc. Essentially remote viewing and remote influencing work is a scientific process and not of an esoteric nature whatsoever.


Kaz has had phenomenal success with her remote viewing and remote influencing, with no reported failures to date (as per feedback from clients on the outcome of Kaz's work post completion).


Just to reiterate - there are however no cast iron guarantee's of success in any of this work both in this modality of the other modalities Kaz uses, because Kaz has no way of forcing you to take her advice or to play specialist audio's provided with the work commissioned all of which will prove a vital part of the process of resolving matters of concern.


To read about the remote viewing case studies Kaz has worked on and got excellent results in, go here


Remote Influencing

Because Kaz studied to advanced and post graduate level she graduated in CRV - Controlled Remote Viewing (formerly known as Coordinate Remote Viewing during the Cold War when it was used by the US Military at Fort Meade) at basic, intermediate and advanced levels and additionally Remote Influencing (known as 'Med app's' or 'Medical Applications' in the trade) and is now a proud life member of the IRVA - International Remote Viewing Association of which Lyn Buchanan is an executive founder member.


Kaz on the last day of her training course in remote viewing with Lyn Buchanan who for eight years was responsible for training remote viewers at Fort Meade a secret US Military remote viewing base operational during the Cold War, Lyn Buchanan is also a veteran remote viewing trainer from the Stargatge Project at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and the Monroe Institute. Kaz is a post graduate level trained advanced level certificated remote viewer and remote influencer who can through her specialist expertise in remote viewing and other specialist modalities brig about positive changes to your life, solve you life and love problems and work miracles as the case studies on this page will reveal to you. Kaz has a worldside family of happy and satisfied clients


"left" to right: Dr. Wade PhD, Kaz, Karlie and Lyn Buchanan Remote Viewing Trainer on the last day of their post graduate advanced level training course in remote viewing and remote influencing.


International remote viewing association - IRVA

Kaz is a life member of the International remote viewing association (IRVA).


Previously learned methods for identification of the target person's logical and emotional motivations and their relationships to the actual thought processes are integral to training in remote influencing (known as Med App's or Medical Applications in the trade). This advanced level training enables a remote viewer to positively remote influence the outcome of a target situation or event. It can help reunite lost loves, partners, husbands, wives, soul mates, friends, but that said, Kaz will not use this technique unless it is completely ethical to do so, checking out the astrological compatibility of say estranged couples, lovers, partners, wives, husbands and friends, before working on any potential reunion. Kaz will never force the will of another person when it goes against that person's own wishes or beliefs. It is potentially possible to positively influence a person to see a given situation in a more positive light, which can potentially help to reunite the estranged, using remote influencing combined with mind scripting and other specialist techniques in some instances where a problem seems otherwise insoluble. But again no modalities of work in this respect or others similar can ever come with a cast iron guarantee of any desired outcomes, but be sure that all possible effort will be made toward achieving a positive outcome on Kaz's part.


Remote viewing is essentially a US Military trained mental martial art which is performed via a strict set of protocols on paper, in a room with no stimulus and with the assistance of a monitor (a person tasked with steering the viewing and administering the blind target). This is a very serious scientific process, unlike a psychic reading which is not usually performed on paper to any strict formatted protocols.


The benefits of remote viewing and remote influencing are potentially phenomenal and go a long way toward helping with all manner of life and love problems, such as reuniting lost loves, missing people, discovering the truth about situations in uncanny and phenomenal depth.


Remote Viewing Accuracy

The accuracy of remote viewing is dependent upon the level of expertise of the remote viewer, Kaz graduated with a pass mark of 99% which is high considering that during the Cold War in the secret US military remote viewing unit the average success/pass/accuracy rate was 76%. But don't take Kaz's word for it, read what her worldwide family of happy and satisfied clients have had to say about the remote viewing work she performed for them, Click HERE to read their testimonials.


History of Remote Viewing

Kaz has written an article on the history of remote viewing, it is a fascinating insight into how remote viewing came about and subsequently evolved. Its origins date back to the early Greeks and was used by both the Russian's and the American's during the Cold War. Remote viewing also played a part in the Stargate project. To read more go HERE.


Does our work for you, work?

We are often asked if our remote viewing work, actually works, we understand the need people have to ask this, or course!


But, by the same token it is fair to say that in the absence of trust and in the presence of any doubts as to the integrity of either us as a company or us as people, there is less chance of success, because where there is a lack of trust and the presence of doubt, a negative energy is going to be present and this will adversely affect the work we do for you, as in any other professional work done for you in any modality or professional services.


Would you visit your and ask for proof that their work was 100% successful? As with all professionals, we have taken the time to undertake rigorous high level training in our modality and to learn all that there is there to learn and to the equivalent academic level to a masters degree too. Our training was formal and in a classroom and it spanned 4 years with lots of follow up study beyond graduating at advanced post graduate level. Few would undertake such rigorous study and training and then not be serious and committed to offering positive integrity to their profession or their work within it.


Again though, please bear in mind that there can be no cast iron guarantees of success, in the work we do for you, but this is not because it doesn't work it is for the following reasons:


(1) we cannot force you to play the audio's which are given before the work commences (and which the playing of is essential to its success).


(2) We cannot force you to buy sound a sound asleep pillow which will help the audio's to work more effectively. These can be bought from retail outlets such as this one:




(3) We cannot force you to remain 100% positive and optimistic so that we can achieve a positive outcome to the work (we strongly advise against you thinking negatively and being pessimistic as this adversely affects the outcome).


(4) If there is a need to undertake additional weeks of work we cannot force you to commission it or pay for it and the success of the work may depend upon our doing this additional work. We believe that if anything is worth doing, then it is worth doing properly and to the extent to which it needs to be done, or not at all, suffice to say that we are perfectionists, and nothing short of this will do! This said, we do our level best to complete the work required to be done in the shortest possible time, without compromising the high level to which we endeavour to complete it. We never know what we are going to find until we go into to to the work and so there is no way of knowing in advance of work starting, the extent or level of complexity, the work needs to take. It is not in our interests to needlessly extend the work period or recommend unnecessary work which would damage our professional reputation and integrity. We pride ourselves on a job well done and having very happy and satisfied clients, such is the reward for the long hours and hard work we put in for everyone. Everyone who comes to us is greatly valued and a welcome member of our lovely global family of happy and satisfied clients.


(5) we cannot force you to trust and have faith in our integrity and this is also vital to the success of the work we do for you.


(6) We cannot force you to take any advice we give you, upon which, the success of the work is dependent.


(7) We cannot force you to desist from doing things which might have a negative impact on the target (ie: a loved one, partner, boyfriend, spouse), and which, may prevent our work from being successful.


We are very serious about the work we do and we take great pride and nothing short of 100% due diligence in doing it. If we are not taken seriously then our work is in vain anyway. For this very reason we would sooner refuse to take on work from anyone who may have any doubts or trust issues in either the work we do or in us as individuals. Taking commissions of work from people with any doubts or trust issues would be unethical and also unprofessional anyway, the last thing we want is our so far unblemished record of success marred by a failure, and a failure is more likely if the conditions upon which, its success depends upon are not prevalent.


In our view, trust is the basis of all good working relationships and on any level in life, be they love or work related, no trust = no love = no relationship worth having! Nothing works without 100% trust.


Some research the work we do online and are surprised when, other than for what is on our own web site, cannot be found elsewhere on line. This is because the work we do is niche anyway, exclusive only to us in its methodology and as integral in specialist packages inclusive of many modalities of specialist expertise, and therefore bespoke. Quite literally, we are unique in what we offer, but this is why we have no reported failures to date. But it is vital that you take our advice and comply with our recommendations (such as playing the audio's we send you, to support the work we do for you).


Once our work commences, we will NOT be able to offer a refund, because our work modules are bespoke to each individual case, as opposed to generic and re-usable, plus our time has to be paid for and our work is very time consuming and labour intensive. Time is money in any business or industry.


Our work is legally compliant and documents relating to our legal compliance are sent to you. You will be asked to confirm acceptance of our terms and conditions, before our work for you can commence. This constitutes a legally binding contract between your and ourselves.


One of the documents you will be sent, will be a copy of our terms and conditions, to view a copy of this go HERE. The other document will be a "Distance selling regulations receipt - populated with your name, the date of commission and details of the work you have commissioned us to undertake for you. To view a sample (un-populated) copy of our 'distance selling regulations receipt', go HERE.


As long as you commission any work with us with a 100% positive mind set, 100% trust and faith in our integrity, 100% optimism and you comply with advice given and instructions given, with regard to the playing of audio's etc, then we have a good chance of obtaining your desired result. Please bear this in mind before you commission any work with us, as this is mission critical to a positive outcome.


Mental Illness & Personality Disorders


Please note: Whilst Kaz is very sympathetic to people with a mental illness or personality disorder, Kaz would be unable to assist you in her line of work, because she (ethically) respects your vulnerability and would never wish to exploit this. In which case Kaz strongly suggests that should you have any life or love concerns, for which you require expert assistance, then you should consult your medical practitioner or other mainstream health professional.


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