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Kaz Psychic - Internationally known, professional natural born psychic medium, clairvoyant, advanced, post graduate level certificated remote viewer, remote influencer, astrologer,clairaudient, clairsentient, emapth, channeler, love and relationship expert coach, mentor, life problems solutions expert, psychic detective, brain entrainment consultant, herbalist, publsihed writer, author


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12.00 noon - midnight (GMT).


All consultations are over the telephone on a first come first served basis. So, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy the benefit of Kaz's caring wisdom and expertise!


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Uncannily accurate clairvoyant psychic readings

If you are looking for second to none clairvoyant psychic reading, with a world class, truly professional, naturally gifted, natural born, genuine clairvoyant psychic, empath and astrologer then you have come to the right place!

Kaz does not use Tarot Cards, her intuitive powers come naturally. Kaz is not a spiritualist either, just a pure intuitive natural clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient psychic medium and astrologer!


Kaz is uncannily accurate.


Kaz is able to obtain detailed information about matters concerning you and of concern to you, love and relationship readings being the mainstay of Kaz's expertise. Detailed information such as times, dates, descriptions of people, locations, even how they are feeling, thinking, their emotions, their fears, their emotional mind set, their intent toward you, how they perceive you, the progression of present day events, issues and relationships and all in great depth. Kaz is able to achieve this as she has a highly developed 6th and 7th sense, resulting from over 42 years if expertise in the psychic and clairvoyant realms and also as being a classroom trained, certificated advanced level post graduate remote viewer and remote influencer, astrologer (specializing in Synastry which is concerning love and relationship compatibility) and professional stress consultant.


Kaz specializes mainly in love and relationship readings, where her greatest success has always been as a natural empath, and in reuniting lost loves, resolving love and relationship problems using specialist services such as remote influencing, remote viewing, brain entrainment, soul rescue, soul alignment, life path alignment, enhanced 12 strand DNA Activation.


Kaz is a member of the Spiritual Workers Association (SWA) and a life member of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) as well as being the co-founder of IMALA - Institute of Mind and Life Advancement.

Kaz has been a natural psychic all of her life. As early as age 3, Kaz would predict things which came true with uncanny accuracy, spooking her parents! Kaz's career up to and including 2017 has spanned over 42 years in the professional psychic fraternity.


To check out Kaz's client testimonials go here.



Kaz is friendly & approachable

Kaz is very friendly, approachable, non-judgemental, caring, empathic, and very intuitive and her extensive and diverse, specialist expertise spans over 40 years. Kaz is passionate about her psychic readings too!


Help with all aspects of life & love

Let Kaz help toward the solving all of your love and relationship problems, as well as enlightening you as to the future ahead of you, and with uncanny accuracy and all in total confidence too!


Secret confidante

Kaz is often regarded as a secret confidante when the need arises for sound advice on how to handle a difficult situation with those around you, and objective outsider with unbiased, sensible, and down-to-earth advice to offer.


Kaz solves your problems too!

Kaz goes beyond just offering their expert guidance, Kaz also helps toward the solving your love problems for you, whilst you get on with your life, in the normal way! For more details Kaz's 'problem solving packages' click here. Be sure to check out Kaz's terms and conditions page too! There are no cast iron guarantee's of success but Kaz endeavours to do her absolute best to achieve a positive outcome for you. Please be sure to check out Kaz's terms and conditions page and also the FAQ page before consulting Kaz.


Kaz tells the truth not fairy stories!

Kaz believes in total honesty and telling it like it really is, suffice to say that Kaz tells the truth and not a load of fairy stories, nor does Kaz tell you what she thinks you will want to hear. Kaz's honest to goodness second to none service is something that is hard to come by these days!


Kaz really cares

Kaz really cares about her worldwide family of valued clients too!

Everyone is special and deserves the very best in specialist guidance and expertise, which is what Kaz prides herself on being able to provide, whilst putting a smile back on your face with her natural sense of humour!


Mental Illness & Personality Disorders


Please note: Whilst Kaz is very sympathetic to people with a mental illness or personality disorder, Kaz would be unable to assist you in her line of work, because she (ethically) respects your vulnerability and would never wish to exploit this. In which case Kaz strongly suggests that should you have any life or love concerns, for which you require expert assistance, then you should consult your medical practitioner or other mainstream health professional.


Kaz doesn't cost the earth!

Kaz can offer expert second to none guidance and enlightenment on life, love, relationships, anything which concerns you with regard to love relationships as this is Kaz's area of specialist expertise.


What's more, readings with Kaz don't cost the earth at just £25.00 (GBP) for 20 minutes and then just £1.00 (GBP) per additional minute thereafter!


Kaz does not offer readings on a premium rate telephone line/on your phone bill.


Kaz does not offer readings by email of via Skype.


All readings are paid for by credit/debit card. Kaz also accepts American Express/Amex cards and Solo Cards. Kaz does not offer any free readings sorry!


Kaz offers psychic readings by cred card,debit card, Switch card, Solo Card, Maestro Card, Visa Electroncard and American Express or Amex card


Client testimonials

Check out Kaz's client testimonials and see what her worldwide family of happy and satisfied clients have to say about them by going HERE.


FREE gift just for you!

You will receive a valuable FREE gift with EVERY psychic reading or commission of specialist services which you commission Kaz to undertake.


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Call Kaz now for the reading of your life! Kaz promises you that you will be so glad you did!


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Kaz is here for you:


7 days per week

12 noon - midnight (GMT).


*Please note: Under UK law, psychic readings are classed as being for entertainment purposes only.


Kaz is a proud member of the Spiritual Workers Association 


Kaz is a proud member of the
Spiritual Workers Association