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Manifest all you desire

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Kaz with her specialist expertise in 'Manifestation' can help to attract all that you desire.

Kaz offers a brand new service which will be positively life changing.....

Kaz Psychic doesn't just solve your life and love problems for you, but she can also empower you to do the same for yourself!

Call Kaz if you are looking for a positively life changing experience that will put you on track for the life you can presently only dream of!

The art and skill of 'manifesting' is a skill we all should learn to master and to harness the powerful energies of. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. Kaz Psychic can teach you the right way! The right way to manifest all that you desire from life, be it a new dream partner, a soul mate to come into your life, a present partner to propose marriage or to want to marry you, a new dream career, a higher salary, a new dream home, to pass exams, a dream car, obtain phenomenal wealth, nothing is really out of reach!

Are you ready for positive change? Are you ready for the life you presently see as being out of your reach?

Only call Kaz if you really are ready to escape a challenging and arduous life that you strongly desire to see change and transform into the dream life you think is just out of reach to you.

To Kaz - nothing is impossible and everything is possible.

Kaz cares because you matter.


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FREE GIFTS just for you!

Kaz likes to ensure that you always receive excellent value for your money too, so with every psychic reading or problem solving service you enjoy with Kaz you will receive amazing free gifts. With every psychic reading Kaz will send you a full colour Kepler Astrology chart of your choice. With every problem solving service you commission Kaz to undertake for you, you will receive 4 free full colour Kepler Astrology charts and a collection of specialist bespoke audio's, including the amazing IMALA life changing audio which cost over £5,000 to make.

To see what amazing free gifts are waiting for you when you consult Kaz Psychic go here.

Does this sound like you? .....

Life seems to be getting harder, more challenging, things you desire seem to be out of reach right? Perhaps you cannot see any light at the end of a dark tunnel you have found yourself in, hit rock bottom and life is an immense struggle. You look around you and you see others with what you wish you had and wonder, why me, why am I the one to be going without? You long for change and the same old drudge persists. Love relationships you have had or are having are fraught with obstacles and set backs, your job feels dead end, you want promotion at work and a higher salary, better working conditions, better working hours, or perhaps you don't have a job, Does this sound like you?

What do you desire?

Do you desire a dream partner, soul mate, twin flame, marriage, commitment, a more smooth running less challenging love life, a dream home, dream job, higher salary, pass exams, travel to dream locations, wealth, dream home, dream car?

All of these things and more are within your reach, and I know you will be asking at this point - how is that? How can that be? I cannot see any way of my having what I desire, how come you can?

How can what you desire be in reach?

Often when life is tough and full of seemingly insurmountable challenges, we cannot see things as clearly as we ordinarily might, our minds clouded by the challenges and our level of hope diminished amid the struggle. But the fact is that nothing is impossible and everything is possible, it is just a case of being open and receptive to adopting a different and more positive mind set. Yes, it is very hard to be positive in a negative situation but what ever is foremost in your mind is what you perpetuate more of, suffice to say, that thinking negatively only perpetuates negativity and attracts more hardship, struggle, strife, loss, and all that you don't need more of! Thinking positively will attract positivity and all of the things you desire most, whilst perpetuating all that is positive and propelling you forward.

Faith and belief are vital elements in the process of attracting what you desire. When there is a lack of faith and hope you lessen the chances of ever obtaining all that you desire.

Two people can have a car crash and the more positive person will say "Oh OK, so I crashed my car, that's too bad, but hey, if the insurance pays out, I can have a new car that will hopefully be better and even be more fuel efficient and safer" whilst the more negative person is sad and saying things like "Oh I am devastated, I loved that car, now I have lost that car and I will never get another one or one as nice so life is hard and rough and I feel so low". So either you are a glass half full person or a glass half empty person. The positive person goes on to drive a better car and is happy and not looking back whilst the negative person is despondent and down and going nowhere fast! Who would you rather be, the positive person or the negative person?!

Believing that anything is possible is the first step toward obtaining all that you desire and dream of, and it is the fuel for the motivation to go get what you want too, then comes faith, faith that is unfaltering will yield far more than would be so for someone with no faith. Faith is greatly rewarded as is eternal optimism.

The life changing "Manifest all you desire module"

Together with faith, hope, optimism and a positive mind set, the art of manifesting is something which can put into reach what has eluded you so far.

Kaz can help you to master the amazing, life changing art of manifestation with the all new and truly amazing "Manifest all you desire module" an amazing combined package of coaching consultations, specialist audio programming, brainwave entrainment, instructional reading, remote influencing, remote viewing, mind scripting, remote abreactions, self empowerment, life path alignment, soul alignment, mind and life advancement and manifestation techniques.

The Manifest all you desire module is a positively life changing experience, not something to embark on if you are not ready for positive change, because results are fast! if you are ready for positive change and you want it fast then this is the module for you. What are you waiting for, call Kaz today and embark on the most positive journey of your life, with all that you desire put within your reach.

Nothing is impossible, everything is possible. Where there is a will there is a way.

How does the 'Manifest all you desire module' work?

The 'Manifest all you desire module' works by empowering you to harness the power of manifestation, clear cut instructions and coaching, will help you to understand the mechanisms of manifestation, how to retain a positive mental attitude, supported by specialist, audio's bespoke for you personally, will programme your mind to harness the powers of manifestation with increasing intensity so that you become more and more adept with the passage of time. The more adept you become the more powerful you will become and the domino effect on this will be that you will find yourself able to manifest all that you desire and with growing success.

Coaching from Kaz will help to clarify much of the amazing reading material supplied with this module/programme, easy to read and clear cut instructions therein, will have you manifesting in a very short space of time, nothing is complex, everything is simple and easy to worm with. You can work at your own pace. Kaz will be working alongside you (remotely) using a range of specialist services such as remote influencing, remote viewing and mind scripting to ensure that your power is accelerated and that what you desire will be put within your reach and fast.

Manifestation combines Cosmic Ordering with Visualization but faith, hope and trust are its main fueling factors during conscious waking hours.

The 'Manifest all you desire module' is multi-faceted, so it's success isn't reliant upon only one element, but in essence the knowledge this module will provide will be its empowering factor- knowledge is power. Kaz will coach you into understanding the mechanics of manifestation, few really understand what the mechanics are but they are akin to what is known as "State Specific Science", the science of altered states of consciousness.

You need to have a good level of focus, patience and determination in order to concentrate your efforts into a single aim, without allowing yourself to be distracted by external influences in order to manifest successfully, but the audio's' provides with this amazing module will help you to achieve this. The clearer cut your objectives are the more likely the desired outcome will come.

Manifesting is about connecting with your innermost self, your subconscious and your higher levels of consciousness so that you can re-programme your mind and set it on target to achieve what you desire, it is about asking for what you desire in the right frame of mind and with a 100% positive mental attitude, believing that you can and will have your wishes and desires delivered to you. Your mind is limitless, contrary to popular belief. If you construct walls of doubt around you then you steel wall what you desire from reach you and from you reaching out to it. You cannot be insular and you cannot test the process as a cynic, that backfires, often with catastrophic results. 100% trust in the process is vital.

Trust in the process

If you have a problem with trust, then this can also provide you with another obstacle to overcome before you will be able to successfully manifest. However, this is also something which Kaz can help you with. Kaz offers a very specialist trust module, which addresses the root causes of your inability to trust and removes the root cause so that the problem with trust is removed but not so that you will be left exposed and without the ability to defend yourself against breaches of trust by others. Manifesting requires you to have 100% trust in the process, so a lack of trust will need to be addressed before you embark on the 'Manifest all you desire module'.

Removing blockages

Because manifesting requires 100% trust in its process, Kaz in suggesting that any problems you have with trust, or for that matter low emotional DNA (where applicable) or being in the phase of a damaging Saturn Return (where applicable) be resolved before you embark on the 'Manifest all you desire module', will also help you in all other aspects of your life as well as achieving success in manifesting. Blockages in your life path, emotional, psychological, mental, love and career areas, will always hold you back if left unresolved, but resolving these issues, sets you free to enjoy a less fraught and better quality of life and love, and the effects of Kaz's work are phenomenal and positively life changing. Getting rid of blockages from your different paths in life, sets you free and empowers you for huge success in all areas of your life, it is highly liberating to become blockage free. What's more, Kaz's work has lasting permanent results and with no advert effects to speak of.

Our subconscious is the source of logic

Our conscious mind can be a bit of an idiot at times, hence we make so many mistakes throughout our lives, but mistakes are a learning curve and should be taken on board as just that. Our subconscious mind is the logic centre of our mind, it only ever deals with anything of a logical nature. The conscious mind and the subconscious mind don't even speak the same language, so is it any wonder we spend our lives on a learning curve?!

The 'Manifest all you desire module' comes with an audio with what is called "Hemi-sync" capabilities inherent within it, this will synchronize both hemispheres of your brain to work as one, to a much higher capacity and on a much higher level, this in turn can propel and fuel the powers of manifestation since the subconscious mind will as a result, be more easily accessed on a conscious waking level, from which you can better harness unlimited power for manifestation. Good communication between the conscious waking mind and the subconscious mind is vital in manifesting successfully. The subconscious is the 'God' within us all, it knows what is best for you and whether you are on the right track or not and it can keep you on the right track.

Low emotional DNA can adversely affect your ability to manifest.

If your emotional DNA is too low, then this can adversely affect your ability to manifest, visualization skills, faith, trust and hope. Kaz during a consultation with you over the phone, be it for a psychic reading or problem solving consultation, can detect from your voice vibrations whether or not your emotional DNA is low. If it is then the "Enhanced 12 strand DNA module" offered by Kaz, can help rectify this and fix you in the 12 strands of emotional DNA needed in order that you are able to successfully manifest and achieve all that you desire in life and in love.

To read more about the Enhanced 12 strand DNA Module go here.

The negative impact of a 'Saturn Return' phase

Another factor which could negatively impact on the success of manifesting work is your being in a Saturn Return phase, which can cause you to repel people away from you and cause all manner of chaos and disconnection in your life, it can block you or release you, the dualism of its activity is frustrating to say the least.

Kaz offers a specialist Saturn Return Correction service which can combat the negative effects which are impacting upon you, your life and your ability to progress through life and to manifest what you desire. This amazing module will also carry through and head off the damaging effects of future Saturn Returns too. It would be advisable to have this module done before embarking on the "Manifest all you desire module".

Time scale - Manifest all you desire module

The time scale for achieving the things you desire can of course vary, results can be within 24 hours for the more optimistic, positive minded of us who are blessed with a stronger and more unfaltering faith and higher level of hope, and longer for those who are more pessimistic and negative minded, who are lacking in hope and faith. Your level of optimism, positivity, faith and hope is what determines the length of time this amazing module take s to work. You are very much in control. From hope and faith springs eternal positivity and success. You are the master of your own destiny.

Can this work without faith or hope?

Faith and hope can be fueled by a lack of trust. Where there is no trust, there can be no good working relationship on any level. If you harbor any doubts as to this module working or being of any value and you cannot have faith or trust in the module to work for you, then Kaz can do much to help you, since she also offers modules that can help build trust and grow faith, these modules would be best having done prior to having the 'Manifest all you desire module' so all is not lost, no one is exempt from eligibility, there is always a solution to a problem, nothing is insoluble!

Mind and Life Advancement is integral in this amazing module

Free with this amazing "Manifest all you desire module' comes thee most powerful brain entrainment audio ever to be made (worth £5,500 GBP) this is designed to propel you on every possible level, it contains just about every brain entrainment frequency there is, Kaz leaves nothing to chance! Here are just some of the amazing brainwave frequencies integral in the IMALA audio download you will receive with this module:

The Solfregio Frequency - (639 Hz) for fixing you and a lover or partner on the soul mate frequency so that your love relationship will sustain and strengthen, deepen and progress greatly toward the commitment and stability you desire. This helps to attract a soul mate or twin flame as well as to advance the relationship you are in with a soul mate or twin flame,

The Schumann Resonance Frequency - (783 hz) to help you absorb knowledge and retain it, helping to advance you academically.

The Millionaires Mind Frequency - (439 hz) to help attract and increase your financial wealth and prosperity,

All Health and Healing Frequencies & Entrainment's targeting every bodily organ - to optimize health and well being, promote and enhance healing and this includes the heal all Rife Frequency.

All Spiritual and Chakra frequencies to help advance you spiritually and help with ascension to the higher planes of human consciousness and to boost and greatly advance psychic ability (6th sense, ESP, telepathy, meditation, astral travel etc.

Powerful mind and life advancement affirmations designed to fully empower and advance you on all levels, attracting love, prosperity, good health, personal growth, knowledge retention, super power memory, brain power boost, and much more.

Beautiful angel music to help you relax and recuperate after a long day.

AS free gift just for you from Kaz Psychic!

A free gift just for you!

You will receive a valuable free gift with each and every psychic reading or commission of specialist services, including relationship mentoring and coaching, which you commission Kaz to undertake.

Go here to read about the valuable free gifts on offer.

Your free gift can be a free' Astrological Compatibility (Synastry) chart' on you and a chosen loved one, and it will be emailed to you immediately after your psychic reading with Kaz too!

Birth data required to draw up your free astrology chart

Accuracy of Birth data - mission critical!

The following birth data is required to calculate the Synastry (astrological love compatibility):

(1) Full name (forename and surname)(ie. George Clooney).
(2) Date of birth (ie. 6th June 1976)
(3) Time of birth and please state Am or Pm) (if known) (ie. 11.30 pm, 2.15 am etc)
(4) Place of birth (to the nearest major town or city and also the country of birth) (ie. London, England, York England etc.

The time and place of birth are what determines what your ascendant or rising sign is, this is very important in all astrological calculations as you will read further down this page.

What if time of birth is not known?

If you don't know your true time of birth you can find this out by doing what is known as a birth time rectification and you can do this for free, on line by going to:

"The birth time rectification app"

Just a few hours out with the time of birth for Synastry (astrological love compatibility charts) can mean the difference between good compatibility and no compatibility, astrology is a specific science and the accuracy of birth data really is, mission critical!

Accuracy is of paramount importance, because your life and future depend upon it. Kaz is a perfectionist and likes to ensure you receive the best possible help, advice, support and excellent value for your money. If something is worth doing then it is worth doing properly or not at all, as far as Kaz is concerned (but of course Kaz is a Virgo!).

Feel empowered - embark on this amazing self empowerment programme today, you will be so glad you did!


The cost of the 'Manifest all you desire module' depends upon the level and intensity you choose to commission Kaz to undertake.

There are 100 levels of the 'Manifesting all you desire module', Level one spanning 1 week, at level one intensity, level 2 spanning 2 weeks and level 2 intensity, level 3 spanning 3 weeks work and at level 3 intensity and so on right up to Level 100 (which you will seldom need to be honest)!

As with other specialist services offered by Kaz Psychic, Kaz's work is bespoke and tailored to your own personal and specific needs, requirements and affordability, more complex problems will take longer to resolve, need to be at a greater intensity and as a result will take more work to resolve, and also longer too. Naturally this will be reflected in the cost, so there is no generic price structure with regard to the work itself, because 'one size doesn't fit all', the cost will vary from one person to another. However, you will never be asked to pay what you cannot afford, and you are under absolutely no obligation to book any work.

Kaz cares because you matter. Call Kaz for a non-obligatory quote today you will be so glad you did!


Kaz Psychic works purely on a first come, first served basis, so the Manifest all you desire module' is in high demand, but the work is not set rigidly to any specific or diaried time slots,

The service is a purely one on one service, and it is offered as a 'remote service' over the telephone and by email (for the purpose of sending you download links to audio files and e-books etc). So you get to enjoy the amazing benefits of the 'Manifest all you desire module' work from comfort of your own home. No traveling and no travel costs either!

The work can/will start the same day/evening that you phone Kaz Psychic to commission the work.

Call Kaz for Manifestation consultations,love problem solving

& Psychic readings over the phone:

Credit/debit card Psychic readings £20.00 (GBP)

- 20 minutes + £1.00 (GBP) each additional minute

Love problem solving bespoke to your own personal needs & budget.

Kaz cares because you matter

Pay over the phone using your credit/debit card

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All major credit/debit card accepted.

Open 7 days per week: 12.00 pm - 12.00 am (GMT)

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Telephone Kaz Psychic for the psychic 01704 822 919 | +44 1704 822 919

Kaz Psychic accepts all major credit or debit cards with which you can pay over the phone for your consultation or to order specialist non-esoteric work to resolve your love and relationship problems

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All consultations with Kaz are over the phone so you can enjoy the benefits of Kaz's expertise from the comfort of your own home, no need for traveling or the expense of it!

Kaz does not work by email or Skype.


Before you commission any problem solving work with Kaz Psychic please read our FAQ page

Embark on a positively life changing journey to achieve and acquire all that you have ever dreamed of with the support you need to make this happen, from Kaz Psychic who cares because you matter.

Call Kaz now you will be so glad you did!

Telephone Kaz Psychic for the psychic 01704 822 919 | +44 1704 822 919

Call Kaz for love problem solving

& Psychic readings over the phone:

Credit/debit card Psychic readings £20.00 (GBP)

- 20 minutes + £1.00 (GBP) each additional minute

Love problem solving bespoke to your own personal needs & budget.

Kaz cares because you matter

Pay over the phone using your credit/debit card

(Sorry Kaz does not offer psychic readings on your phone bill)

All major credit/debit card accepted.

Open 7 days per week: 12.00 pm - 12.00 am (GMT)

No appointment necessary - first come first served!