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Root causes

There are many root causes why love relationships fail to work out or sustain, astrological compatibility (Synastry) can be one major reason, 3rd party influences and interference, differing views, religions, social class, low emotional DNA, Saturn Return phases which cause people to repel others away from them, esoteric workings such as spells which more often than not backfire and make matters even worse than ever, discord over money, family, children, friends, careers, inhibition of individual freedom, enduring the dreaded soul mate test, communication breakdown and lack of communication, not expressing ones feelings, having expectations that are too high, commitment phobia, emotional scars from past failed relationships, unresolved issues from childhood, selfishness and self absorbed behaviours, dishonesty, infidelity, cheating etc, being in a love triangle which is in a deadlock, one of other partner being trapped in a domestic Stockholm Syndrome with a bullying, manipulative, coercive partner from whom they cannot detached despite being desperate to, sleeping in a Geopathically Stressed bed to name but a few.

Astrological compatibility (Synastry)

Astrological compatibility (Synastry) is a massive cause of love relationships failing, since only 1% of the world's population of couples are actually true and genuine meant to be soul mates. Kaz with her 45 years of unrivaled expertise in Synastry can tell you whether you are true and genuine meant to be soul mates or just 'Red Herring' fake soul mates. It is vital that you have Kaz calculate your Synastry so that you can be sure that you are with the right person for you. Red Herring fake soul mates seldom last, they end in heartbreak and failure and waste a great deal of valuable time, for a woman this more often than not, sees her biological clock ticking away toward never having children, which is OK if you don't want to have any children or you are more career driven, but not for those who dearly want to become a mother and to have lifelong support and stability with your children's father, which is best for you and for your children and their father. To read more about astrological compatibility (Synastry) go here

Low emotional DNA

Our emotional DNA can change in an instant. We should all be on a sustained 12 strands of emotional DNA in order to sustain good enduring love relationships, advance in our career, gain financial stability, absorb knowledge, ascend spiritually, to achieve all of our life's goals and advance in all aspects of our lives. Emotional, physical, psychological, mental and spiritual traumas can cause a rapid decline in emotional DNA which in turn greatly undermines our ability to sustain love relationships and to advance in all areas of our life and being. Trauma of all kinds can see your emotional DNA plummet to less than 2 strands and remain there unless this is restored. Kaz offers a unique "Enhanced 12 strand DNA activation service" which can rectify this and also fix you permanently on 12 enhanced strands of emotional DNA. The results of this are astonishing and positively life changing. To learn more about this amazing bespoke service from Kaz Psychic go here

Soul Mate Test

For the lucky few who are 'true and genuine meant to be' soul mates, the soul mate test designed to alert you as to the fact that you are true, genuine and meant to be soul mates, is often what has a make or break impact. Sadly many break because they misinterpret the test in thinking that the SAS assault course which is feels like to endure, is meant to break them, when the opposite is so. The universe in imposing this test upon the 1% of the world's true and genuine soul mate couples, wants to create a situation where after enduring the test which can span a large chunk of time, sometimes years, you suddenly look back and realize that you would not have come through the arduous challenges the soul mate test puts you through as a couple unless you were with the right person for you, your true and genuine soul mate. The realization of which is by design meant to have a life long bonding effect. The few that reach this point are usually in love with each other for all time, whilst those who give up end up with Red Herring fake soul mates who never last and the heartbreak unbearable. Of course you do not want to find yourself failing this arduous test.
Kaz Psychic offers a unique bespoke service to help you endure and to pass with flying colours, the dreaded soul mate test. To read more about this amazing service go here

Saturn Return Phases

Saturn return phases occur around every 7 years of our lives they last for 1-3 years at a time and you start to go into them 6-12 months before they come in and stay in them for 6-12 months after they expire. These are roughly the ages of your life that will be affected by Saturn Return Phases:
These ages do not apply to everyone, they are merely a rough guide, it all depends on your own individual birthday.
During these very arduous phases, many report feeling like they have been cursed, hexed or walked in on by some demonic force, since these phases can make you repel people from around you and cause utter havoc in all aspects of your life. They can cause your emotional DNA to plummet down to below 2 strands from 12 and many find that everything that could go wrong in their lives, does so during these phases, such as car accidents, parting wit loved ones, deaths of loved ones, serious illness, loss of home, career, work, financial struggles and challenges, loss of income, discord in all aspects of your life, arguments, breakages of valued possessions, loss of possessions, confusion, just about every conceivable crisis is possible.
Kaz Psychic offers a unique cutting edge "Saturn Return Correction" service which can help to combat the phenomenally harmful affects of Saturn Return Phases, to read more about this bespoke service go here

Domestic Stockholm Syndrome

Domestic Stockholm Syndrome, as with corporate StockHolm Syndrome can trap you into highly damaging coercive, abusive, violent, manipulative relationships with people who are more often than not subtle control freaks and bullies, narcissists, dangerous and toxic people. Without professional support or help, few escape these dreadful and damaging often soul destroying relationships, which can shorten their lives and lead to deep depression or even suicide. Kaz has had significant success in recent years in resolving these challenging and heartbreaking scenario's with a unique and specialist service known as "Stockholm Syndrome Resolution". As with all specialist services offered by Kaz Psychic, this one is a remote service performed by using highly specialized modalities such as remote viewing, remote influencing, mind scripting and mind and life advancing techniques, remote abreactions, brainwave frequency therapy to name but a few. Kaz can break a loved one out of domestic Stockholm Syndrome so that you can come together as true soul mates and enjoy life long happiness ending years of abuse and suffering for the one of you who was trapped in this living nightmare. To read more about this amazing Stockholm Syndrome Resolution service go here

Childhood trauma and negative neural triggers being activated and remaining so

Past events such as childhood trauma's can implant what are known as negative neural triggers, these can lie dormant in you until some future event of a spontaneous nature activates them and once activated they can cause relationships to break down until they are de-activated and specialist work such as remote abreactions and remote influencing on breaking trauma is undertaken by specialist support, which is available from Kaz Psychic. To read more about this specialist work go here

To give you and example, lets suppose the parents of a young child go through an acrimonious divorce or some sort of separation, or one parent dies leaving the other broken and alone, this is going to be a very traumatic event in either case, for all concerned.
Children are very absorbent of trauma in childhood, often blaming themselves for these events happening, imagining that this all happened because they were naughty or had misbehaved. A young boy left with a broken mother to raise him may, as he gets older find himself being something of a surrogate husband in the absence of his Father, whilst a young girl left with her father following her mother walking out or dying may find herself as she matures becoming a sort of surrogate wife for her Father,but in any event the dynamics will change in the remaining relationships, so that by the time these young children are age 18 and over, they are trauma bonded with past trauma, perhaps having to grow up faster and take on responsibilities that other children maybe never had, unless they had to be a carer for a disabled parent, and so it would only take a relationship breakdown like a parting from a boyfriend or girlfriend to activate a neural trigger that brings back the full extent of their childhood hurt from one parent leaving or dying and as a result they cannot handle any process of reconciliation process or face reuniting only to part again, as it is a toxic overload of their childhood wounding all now haunting their thoughts and leaving them scarred all over again.
Kaz Psychic with 45 years (up to and including 2020) of unrivaled specialist expertise in negative neutral trigger deactivation via her expertise in remote influencing can deactivate these negative neural triggers and release the trauma to facilitate a reunion and mending of a broken love relationship. To read more about Kaz's successes in this go here

Remote Viewing & Remote Influencing to resolve other problems which cause love relationships to fail

Kaz Psychic is an advanced level post graduate, classroom trained and certificated remote viewer and remote influencer, with specialist experience in brain entrainment, brainwave frequency therapy, mind scripting, remote abreactions, quantum leaping, manifestation, life coaching, love relationship mentoring, professional stress consultancy, mind and life advancement, self empowerment and other modalities, all of which combined in amazing love problem solving modules of bespoke work performed remotely, can help to resolve love problems and protect against love relationship failure and also bring about life long reunions. Whatever the reason why your are not seeing your love relationship working out be it, trouble some and unwelcome 3rd party influences and interference, any differing views, low emotional DNA, Saturn Return phases, esoteric workings such as spells which Kaz Psychic can very successfully neutralize and protect you or a loved one from being the target of more spells in future, discord, arguments, rows and fall outs over money, family, children, friends, careers, ones inhibition of individual freedom, the dreaded soul mate test, all types of communication breakdown and lack of communication, issues arising from someone's inability to express feelings, commitment phobia, emotional trauma from past failed relationships, unresolved issues from childhood or even past lives, selfishness and self absorbed behaviours, dishonesty, infidelity, cheating etc, deadlocked love triangles, domestic Stockholm Syndrome, sleeping in a Geopathically Stressed bed and just about anything else! Be sure to check out the following pages:

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No love or life problem is too difficult for Kaz Psychic to resolve

Kaz Psychic believes that there is a solution to each and every life or love problem, no problem is too complex to resolve and that nothing is impossible and that everything is possible. So if you are facing a challenge in your life or love life then you need to call Kaz Psychic whose work performed remotely and so that no one is ever forced to do anything against their own free will as with esoteric workings, which Kaz strongly advises against indulging in because of their dreadful negative consequences they bring about and which often only serve, to make matters even worse and losses too great to bear. It is never too late for Kaz to turn things around for you, there is no such thing in Kaz's book as a 'lost cause'! A positive mind attracts positive outcomes! Let Kaz empower you and a positive change in your life and love life today, call her now, you will be so glad that you did.
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Accuracy of Birth data - mission critical!

The time and place of birth are what determines what your ascendant or rising sign is, this is very important in all astrological calculations as you will read further down this page.

What if time of birth is not known?

If you don't know your true time of birth you can find this out by doing what is known as a birth time rectification and you can do this for free, on line by going to:

"The birth time rectification app"

Just a few hours out with the time of birth for Synastry (astrological love compatibility charts) can mean the difference between good compatibility and no compatibility, astrology is a specific science and the accuracy of birth data really is, mission critical!

Accuracy is of paramount importance, because your life and future depend upon it. Kaz is a perfectionist and likes to ensure you receive the best possible help, advice, support and excellent value for your money. If something is worth doing then it is worth doing properly or not at all, as far as Kaz is concerned (but of course Kaz is a Virgo!).

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