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Kaz Psychic - Love Coaching and mentoring - expert on Love


Kaz is here for you:


7 days per week.

365 days per year

Including all bank and public holidays

12.00 pm (noon) - 12.00 am (midnight) (GMT).


All consultations are on a first come, first served basis, no appointment necessary.


All consultations with Kaz are over the phone so you can enjoy the benefits of Kaz's expertise from the comfort of your own home, no need for traveling or the expense of it!


Kaz does not work by email or Skype.


Phone Kaz if you are experiencing problems in a love or work relationship, and let Kaz's expertise which spans over 44 years (up to and including 2019) help save you from losing that loved one or valued relationship, or to bring about a reunion with a lost/estranged loved one.


With Kaz you will get so much more than just love coaching, as her high level of intuition enhances the unrivaled help and support you will receive from her, and when you need it most or when you are faced with love or life challenges in love relationships.


A problem shared with Kaz is not just a problem halved, it is also a completely problem solved! No need to suffer in silence, when you can call Kaz, who is friendly, approachable, empathic, non-judgmental and motivational. Kaz will discuss in depth the concerns you have with your love or other valued relationship and brainstorm a range of unique and powerful solutions to resolve what is challenging you. More often than not, just talking to Kaz by phone will yield the solutions you seek, but for your more difficult and complex matters of concern, Kaz can offer you more specialist problem solving solutions which Kaz undertakes on your behalf, whilst you get on with living, so that Kaz does most of the problem solving work for you, remotely! These specialist services are optional and you are under absolutely no obligation to commission any with Kaz. What matters is that your matters of concern get solved and you are free of stress, strain and worry.


Kaz will greatly inspire and empower you by giving you solutions that really work. Kaz is straight talking, practical, very down-to-earth and she tells it like it really is, so that you get complete truth and clarity.


Kaz being a remote viewer can even get right into the mind-set of your love partner and tell you exactly how they are feeling and thinking toward you, giving you clear advantage and a much deeper and more meaningful insight.


Solutions offered by Kaz work fast too, so if you want fast practical and successful solutions to your love and life challenges then it is time to call Kaz Psychic, you will be so glad you did.


Kaz cares because you matter and Kaz is the caring voice of wisdom and expertise, a true professional and unrivaled anywhere.


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Kaz - Expert in Love Coaching and Mentoring

Kaz Psychic Love Coaching 585 x733-min


Love coaching and mentoring

Kaz is a love and relationships specialist love coach


Kaz is a love and love relationships specialist mentor and problem solver, and can resolve all manner of love and love relationship problems for you whilst you get on with living, be it to prevent the breakdown of a relationship, reunite you with a lost loved one or partner, help mend a broken marriage, or obtain marriage commitment, from perhaps a partner with commitment phobia, break a love triangle in your favour, stop a partner from cheating, neutralize spells, hexes or curses which undermine your love relationships, help you to better understand the dynamics of your love relationships via an intensive study of your astrological love compatibility (Synastry) and by giving you expert guidance on how best to handle problem partners to avoid or resolve discord and conflict.


Nothing hurts more than when a love relationship breaks down, starts to break down or has caused you to become estranged from that special someone.


Sometimes we elude to realize the real/ root cause for the breakdown or for that matter, the way in which you can mend things to effect a reunion.


This is where Kaz comes in ......


Kaz - is caring voice of wisdom & expertise and Kaz cares because you matter!

Kaz with her caring voice of wisdom and expertise in many modalities of specialist techniques, such as mind scripting, life coaching, Love Coaching and mentoring, love psychology, the psychology of body language, the body language of love, remote viewing, remote influencing, clairvoyance and psychic intuition, is well equipped to resolve all of your love relationship problems. Kaz offers a diverse range of specialist modalities and expertise such as:


Remote Influencing

Remote Abreactions

Remote Viewing
Soul Alignment
Mind Scripting

Life Path Alignment
Mind Mapping
Life Coaching
Psychic Detection

Love and Relationship Mentoring and Coaching
Brain Entrainment / Brainwave frequency therapy / Brainwave synchronization

Professional Stress Consultancy

Self Empowerment

Spiritual Marriage Service


Kaz has a natural intuition and psychic ability, and is an expert in soul alignment, life path alignment, mind mapping, soul rescue, astrological compatibility (Synastry), karmic astrology, karmic law, (the laws of the universe), cosmic ordering, brain entrainment/brainwave frequency therapy, professional stress consultancy to name but few of her areas of specialist expertise.


Kaz can and will resolve all manner of love relationship problems and support you through the arduous times when your love life is in turmoil, and you need a secret confidante who is not biased like friends and relatives, a non-judgmental, friendly and caring outsider, who can see both sides of the argument and help to bring about and end to discord and conflict, heartbreak, emotional crisis, despair, suffering, loss, separation, and who has the expertise to to guide you through expert intuitive mentoring and who can also help solve the problems you are encountering too, with a specialist range of unique and bespoke services designed to resolve all love relationship problems - this is what you need most, and Kaz is that very person and the solution is right there within your grasp - don't wait until things get worse, and more damage is done, call Kaz now, you will be so glad you did. Kaz's offers a 100% confidential service, so you are in good safe hands with Kaz.


01704 822 919 | +44 1704 822 919

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Do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you?

If you suspect a loved one is cheating on you, Kaz can help with this also. Kaz, using specialist techniques such as remote viewing and remote influencing, Kaz can find out if you are being cheated on as well as with whom and when.


Once the truth is discovered, Kaz can help put a stop to the cheating by using remote influencing and other specialist modalities such as Mind Scripting and Remote Abreactions, to find the root cause for this behaviour.


Kaz can then remove the root cause taking away to inclination for the cheating to continue or to occur again, the same techniques can be used to prevent the cause of discord and detachment from continuing to put a valued love relationship at risk.


Prevention is always better than cure

Wherever possible, prevention is always better than cure, so even if you are not experiencing any love or relationship problems, presently, Kaz can look into the future using remote viewing in order to see whether problems are likely to come up, once any future problems are known, Kaz can do some specialist work, to head off problems before they hit your future, which of course will also help those of you, who feel they have a tenancy to encounter repeated failed relationships/a predisposition for this.


it is good to be able to feel more secure in the knowledge that there is no longer anything to worry about, since the root cause of any past, present or future problems has been removed at source.

Peace of mind makes for a smoother less fraught love life!


Fears of failure can often wreck relationships as insecurities often translate as you mistrusting your love partner, and whatever is foremost in your mind at any one time, is what you perpetuate more of, negative thinking is highly destructive and can lead to the breakdown of love relationships and considerable heartbreak and unhappiness.


Kaz makes positive change possible

Kaz is completely non-judgemental, easy going, worldly-wise, modern thinking, naturally and greatly intuitive and also empathic, with a friendly approach and a sense of humour to make the process of positive change a much easier passage to that bliss you long for, want back and which has been or is being lost.


Trust an expert like Kaz

Why trust your love life to anyone but an true expert? Kaz is that expert and she known worldwide, for her extensive expertise in love and relationships.


To check out the amazing case studies which reflect the success of Kaz's amazing work go here.


To check out Kaz's client testimonials go here.


Let Kaz save you from more heartache

Kaz will work tirelessly and meticulously to ensure a lasting happy outcome for you and just to ensure you get even better value for your money ............


AS free gift just for you from Kaz Psychic!


A free gift just for you!

You will receive a valuable free gift with every psychic reading or commission of specialist services, including relationship mentoring and coaching, which you commission Kaz to undertake.


Go here to read about the valuable free gifts on offer.


Your free gift can be a free 'Astrological Compatibility (Synastry) chart' on you and a chosen loved one, and it will be emailed to you immediately after your psychic reading with Kaz too!


Kaz will need the following birth data to enable her to draw up your free Kepler Astrology charts:


(1) Full name (forename and surname)(ie. George Clooney).
(2) Date of birth (ie. 6th June 1976)
(3) Time of birth and please state Am or Pm) (if known) (ie. 11.30pm, 2.15 am etc)
(4) Place of birth (to the nearest major town or city and also the country of birth) (ie. London, England, York England etc.


Rectification to discover true birth time

If you do not know your true time of birth Kaz can use astrological rectification to find this out, and to do this she will need information (applicable to events which have happened since you were born - and not prior it) such as:


The month and year of a previous marriage you may have had

The month and year of any divorce you may have had

The month and year of your Mother's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Father's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Grandmother's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Grandfather's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Brother's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Sister's death (if deceased)

The month and year of a previous Husband or Wife's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your child's death (if deceased)

The month and year of an abortion you may have had

The month and year of any term of imprisonment you may have had

The month and year of any extreme situation you may have had

The month and year of any trauma or surgery you may have had

The month and year of any serious illness you may have had


Please have this information to hand when you call Kaz.


Call Kaz now for expert mentoring and support with your love relationship problem, Kaz promises you that you will be so glad you did! Remember, Kaz cares because you matter.


01704 822 919 | +44 1704 822 919

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