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Kaz Psychic - Love Central - this is where all of your love and love relationship problems get solved!


Kaz psychic has made it her life's work to help resolve love and love relationship problems and challenges. So if you have a love or love relationship problem then you have come to the right place if a solution or resolution is what you seek. No love relationship problem is insoluble. Kaz Psychic can help with all love and relationship problems!


Kaz's very caring wisdom and expertise which spans over 44 years (up to and including 2019).


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Kaz does not work by email or Skype.


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Kaz Psychic - Love Central

Kaz Psychic is someone who, using a specialist range of non-esoteric services/modalities such as remote influencing, remote viewing, mind scripting, remote abreactions, soul rescue, brain entrainment, life path alignment, soul alignment, spiritual marriage (the marrying of souls), enhanced 12 strand DNA activation, and more, can help resolve what you may consider to be insoluble love and love relationship problems and challenges.


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Where do we go wrong in love?

When love relationships start to hit problem periods, where you fear that you will break up or have had to endure a break up, it causes many of us to sit and reflect upon where it all went wrong. Often this is after one or both of you have indulged in 'the blame game' which can be very destructive if it is allowed to spiral out of all control and accelerate the potential, if not cause, the final break or parting. That said, the root cause of the present day problems, challenges and conflicts, lies in our past, either in infant hood, childhood, adolescence, teenage years, early adulthood, less recent adulthood or even a past life.


The only way in which anyone can truly resolve a love or love relationship problem is by tracing the present day challenges and conflicts back to their root cause. Having done this, the next task is to remove the root cause. Many think that you cannot change or undo the past - but actually, you can, using remote influencing, remote abreactions and mind scripting, just three of the many specialist non-esoteric modalities/services which Kaz Psychic utilizes. If you remove the root cause of a love or love relationship problem, then you remove its basis to continue to fuel the problem, hence the problem itself is removed. Serious meticulous professional work in this respect needs to be done in order to ensure that the subject of this work (perhaps an errant or elusive partner you commission Kaz Psychic to work on) is left in 'a safe place' and not left damaged. Let's face it you would not assign the performing of heart surgery to a surgeon who is a only a specialist in dental surgery would you?!


A childhood root cause of a present day love/love relationship problem, may commence with parents divorcing, changing the dynamics of parental relationships. So if the Father leaves home and your boyfriend is left being raised by his mother, in many instances his mother may subconsciously see her son (your boyfriend) as her surrogate husband at times, and more so as he gets older, he becomes the man of the house, If his mother is overbearing, possessive, over-protective, as a result of her own insecurities stemming from divorcing and losing her husband, she won't want to lose her Son as well as her husband. In such instances she may become stifling and want him to stay home and not hang out with his friends. Then when he becomes an adult any girlfriend he takes up with can be seen as a threat, someone who robs her of the company of her Son.

Problems can arise from this, in ways ranging from 'plain disapproval of his choice of girlfriend in order to undermine the relationship he wants to have with her' or from 'using all manner of manipulative means, to part him from perhaps a succession of female partners'. Even if this sort of thing doesn't occur, just living with an overprotective, overbearing mother can put a man off wanting to commit to a long term or marital relationship, this is the root cause of men and women developing a commitment phobia, but Kaz Psychic offers a "Commitment Phobia Resolution Service" to overcome this issue. But when root cause of the erratic dating pattern of on and off and off and on phenomena is activated by past events which create negative 'neural triggers', you will more often than not encounter a Yo Yo pattern where for a while he will be full on with you and the next time he disappears and wants his space from you. Yo Yo love relationships are also destructive and fuel commitment phobia.


Of course men often complain about women being demanding, overly needy and pushy, wanting commitment soon after they meet, texting and phoning them all of the time, so that they get no peace or space to do other things. There are men who are the same of course, and both men and women can be clingy and overly possessive, jealous of their partners friends getting to have any time with them.


Men like to pursue not to be pursued, something that some women seem to overlook, thus making a man feel stifled and trapped, until they demand a break or space. Immediately this is asked for suspicions that there is a 3rd party on the scene and you are in a love triangle. All too easily love relationships can break thanks to situations like these. Many justify cheating on account of stifling over possessiveness, and then a love triangle occurs, But this can be resolved by Kaz Psychic too, as she also offers a "Love Triangle Resolution Service"!


Another undermining factor is when one or other if not both parties (more likely both parties if they are the same age) is that of the Saturn Return phases.


Saturn is a planet which determines beginning and endings, it is about off with the old and on with the new, what no longer serves you has to go, and if you try to fight against this Saturn will fight back and win every time. But there is a solution to this, and this is to have "Saturn Return Correction" work done by Kaz Psychic.


The first Saturn Return phase occurs around ages:












You start to enter a Saturn return phase (known as a "Milestone" period in a Kepler Saturn's Promise chart) 6 months before and come out 6 months after the period ends. So the Saturn Return/Milestone period you have at the age of 7 is one you enter into at around 6 and a half years of age and you are in it for the whole of your 7th year, coming out fully around the age of 8 and a half.

For the Saturn Return phase which comes at age 43-44 you will start to enter this around age 42 and a half and you will be in it for the whole of your 43rd year, and 44th year and come out fully at age 45 and a half.

For the Saturn Return phase which comes at age 28- 30 you will start to enter this around age 27 and a half and you will be in the phase for the whole of your 58th year, 59th year and 60th year coming out at age 61 and a half.

For the Saturn Return phase which comes at age 58 - 60 you will start to enter this around age 57 and a half and you will be in the phase for the whole of your 28th year, 29th year and 30th year coming out at age 31 and a half.


These Saturn Return/Milestone phases can be harrowing, seeing you lose, friends, endure forced changes of a life changing nature, such as serious illness, divorce, deaths of loves ones, accidents, love relationship break-ups, career path changes, redundancy, discord with those around you and you also tend to repel people away from you as well, so you find yourself feeling lonely and dejected, even isolated in some horrid wilderness which is why more suicides occur during these phases than at any other time. Having Saturn Return Correction work done by Kaz, counteracts the worst of the challenges you will face during a present day Saturn Return/Milestone period and all future ones too. So via Kaz you can obtain a Saturn Return/Milestone phase survival mechanism!


Kaz Psychic can draw up for you a Kepler Saturn's Promise Astrology Report which will reveal your personal Saturn Return phases. In many cases this will prove to be a major root cause of discord periods in love relationships and their break up.


When love relationships encounter conflicts, challenges, break ups and the potential for break ups, your 'emotional DNA' plummet's down from 12 strands to just 2 strands, this can also fuel the potential for ongoing discord or estrangement and parting. Kaz Psychic offers an "Enhanced 12 Strand DNA Activation Service" which can resolve this and fix your and your love partner on 12 strands to resolve and prevent things from getting worse and mend what is wrong for you.


Today more people are wanting to carve out career's for themselves too, graduating university and finding well paid work, and the progression of gender equality is seeing more women wanting to maintain their independence from men and men to want to propel their careers and travel the world, free of rooting and stifling, which they feel comes with the more committed love relationship. freedom comes at a price, sadly it can extend beyond the biological clock and see women childless at a later age and with no prospect of becoming mothers, unless they can afford to freeze their eggs and use them for IVF later one.


Society is more secular now than at any time in the past. The ease of maintaining ones independence is more avidly sought. Often with no prospect of motherhood many stay single as the only incentive to marry for some people is to procreate but procreation occurs outside of a marriage now, more so than in the past. This leaves men wondering where they stand in the scheme of things, the goal posts moved, they are left wandering aimlessly wondering what purpose they now serve in the life's of women and vice verse for many reasons.


Socio-psychological factors are among the most poignant reasons for love relationship discord and breakage.


Negative neural triggers stemming from past trauma's don't help either but Kaz Psychic can remove these at source and eliminate root cause of the present day love problems you may be encountering.


Not being Astrologically compatible is another factor in the failure of love relationships but Kaz Psychic being an expert in Astrological Synastry (Love relationship compatibility) can do much to help advice you on the specific areas you need to compromise on and she will send you by email your Astrological Synastry report and profile category scores chart which will show the areas where you need to compromise with your loved one. There are ways Kaz Psychic can tone down the conflicting traits to help avert discord and partings.


Spells make matters worse and love problems far less soluble

Sadly when love relationship problems occur people seek the help of spell practitioners, only to make matters even worse again.


Spells, hexes and curses are all esoteric services, designed to force the will of another person into doing something that more often than not, they don't want to do. The karmic consequences of this can be catastrophic, divine retribution dishes out severe punishment on not only the person who commissions the spell work, hex or curse, but also the practitioner (despite their thinking that they are protected from this and they often claim they can protect those who commission their spells too, but the fact is - this is just not true on both counts).


Trying to force another person to do something that is against their own free will is evil and morally wrong, Spells are designed to do just that. Such practices should be avoided at all costs. More often that not an un-rested spirit will be summoned to do the work of the spell and this gives rise to being spiritually walked in on by a negative or evil entity and a demonic possession can occur. So spells, Voodoo, curses and hexes are just NOT the way to go.

Kaz Psychic offers a "Spell Neutralization Service" to undo the workings of spells and protect you from the effects of them, whilst repairing Karma in your favour.


Esoteric versus non-esoteric

Nothing by way of the wide range of specialist services and modalities of resolution offered by Kaz Psychic are esoteric. All of Kaz Psychic's specialist services are 100% non-esoteric, this means that nothing that Kaz Psychic does, will force the free will of another person, Kaz Psychic works to a very high standard or professional ethics, so unlike with spells work, hexes, curses and Voodoo offered by others in the 'so called, spiritual fraternity' Kaz Psychic's work has no negative karmic consequences on anyone. Kaz cares because you matter.


Help to make a love relationship last and save one from breaking

Kaz psychic can do a lot toward helping you to maintain your love relationship, preventing a break up, and the heart break which comes with a break up. So if you are worried that you might lose the love of your life, or that someone might take the love of your life from you, then the time to call Kaz Psychic is NOW! Don't wait until it is too late. Remember, prevention is always better than cure! Kaz can help keep the romance alive and even re-awaken it in sterile love relationships, so if you want a love life worthwhile having then you need to call Kaz Psychic.


Kaz can even locate your true and genuine soul mate or Twin Flame too! True happiness awaits all who call Kaz Psychic! let her help you today! you will be so glad you did!


Reunite you with a lost loved one

Kaz Psychic can do a great deal to reunite you with a lost loved one, even if someone has taken them off you! Kaz has a specialist range of non-esoteric services which when put together in a bundled package of specialist work, can end the heart break you are enduring, when apart from your Twin Flame or Soul Mate. Kaz offers a "Reuniting Lost Partners Service". The sooner you call Kaz Psychic the better!


Free powerful bespoke brain entrainment subliminal audio's

The gift of amazing and high power Brain Entrainment Subliminal Audio's come absolutely free with the work you commission Kaz to resolve your love relationship problems, and this includes ones designed and bespoke to you personally and these include the amazing IMALA Level 5,000 Universal Healing Audio which cost over £5,000 to make. This powerful audio will fix you and your partner on what is known as the soul mate brainwave frequency - the Solfregio frequency (639Hz, and help to bond you together for all eternity and beyond. Go here for more information on this amazing audio. This is in addition to more bespoke audio's specifically designed to help restore, create or maintain strong emotional balance and lasting harmony between you and your loved one. you will also receive 4 free Kepler Astrology charts of your choice from the list on our 'free gifts page' go here to read the list.

Optional Love Central Consultations

These cost the same as a psychic reading , life solutions consultation or any other consultation offered by Kaz Psychic = (£25.00 GBP for 20 minutes + £1.00 per minute for each additional minute). The 'Love Central' Consultations offer expert advice and guidance is given to help you handle the situation you find yourself in, in a more positive way and which is hugely beneficial to you, your loved one and others.


Kaz Psychic can be your 'Love Central' love and love relationship confidante as well as your personal counselor and supporter, calling upon the life long wisdom of Kaz Psychic herself and her 44 years of expertise (up to and including 2019).

AS free gift just for you from Kaz Psychic!


A free gift just for you!

You will receive a valuable free gift with every psychic reading or commission of specialist services, including relationship mentoring and coaching, which you commission Kaz to undertake.


Go here to read about the valuable free gifts on offer.


Your free gift can be a free 'Astrological Compatibility (Synastry) chart' on you and a chosen loved one, and it will be emailed to you immediately after your psychic reading with Kaz too!


Kaz will need the following birth data to enable her to draw up your free Kepler Astrology charts:


(1) Full name (forename and surname)(ie. George Clooney).
(2) Date of birth (ie. 6th June 1976)
(3) Time of birth and please state Am or Pm) (if known) (ie. 11.30pm, 2.15 am etc)
(4) Place of birth (to the nearest major town or city and also the country of birth) (ie. London, England, York England etc.


Rectification to discover true birth time

If you do not know your true time of birth Kaz can use astrological rectification to find this out, and to do this she will need information (applicable to events which have happened since you were born - and not prior it) such as:


The month and year of a previous marriage you may have had

The month and year of any divorce you may have had

The month and year of your Mother's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Father's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Grandmother's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Grandfather's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Brother's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Sister's death (if deceased)

The month and year of a previous Husband or Wife's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your child's death (if deceased)

The month and year of an abortion you may have had

The month and year of any term of imprisonment you may have had

The month and year of any extreme situation you may have had

The month and year of any trauma or surgery you may have had

The month and year of any serious illness you may have had


Please have this information to hand when you call Kaz.


Time Scale

Love and relationship resolution work at Love Central, can be done to any strength/power you wish, this can be decided by the level of conflict/discord/extent of the problem, which you and your relationship is or has been enduring. There are 100 levels of power. Level one spans one full week (24/7 of work on Kaz's part) and is at level one intensity. Level two spans 2 weeks and is at level two intensity, Level three spans 3 weeks and is at level 3 intensity, level 4 spans 4 weeks and is at level 4 intensity and so on up to level 100. It is a question of what is affordable to you and within your own personal budget and choice. The choice is entirely your own. Of course, the higher the level the more intense the power. The difference in intensity is down to the fact that work done over a longer period is more multi-layered and reinforced and protects the relationship against more challenges which life may throw in its path.

Kaz always has time for you, because you matter greatly and you are greatly valued. The work can span one week right up to 100 weeks, depending on what you personally require and dictate.



The cost of love problem resolving work depends upon the level and intensity you choose to commission Kaz to undertake.


There are 100 levels of intensity in love problem solving work, Level one spanning 1 week, at level one intensity, level 2 spanning 2 weeks and level 2 intensity and right up to Level 100 which you will seldom need to be honest!


Each couple will have different needs to this, as with other specialist services offered by Kaz Psychic, is bespoke and tailored to your own personal and specific needs, requirements and affordability, more complex problems will take longer to resolve, need to be at a greater intensity and as a result will take more work to resolve, and also longer too. Naturally this will be reflected in the cost, so there is no generic price structure with regard to the work itself, because 'one size doesn't fit all', the cost will vary from one person to another. However, you will never be asked to pay what you cannot afford, and you are under absolutely no obligation to book any work.


Kaz cares because you matter. Call Kaz for a non-obligatory quote today you will be so glad you did!



Kaz Psychic works purely on a first come, first served basis, so all of Kaz's specialist love problem solving work is in high demand, but the work is not set rigidly to any specific or diaried time slots,


The service is a purely one on one service, and it is offered as a 'remote service' over the telephone and by email (for the purpose of sending you download links to audio files and e-books etc). So you get to enjoy the amazing benefits of the specialist love problem solving work from comfort of your own home. No traveling and no travel costs either!


The work can/will start the same day/evening that you phone Kaz Psychic to commission the work.


Cost of a 'Love Central Love Problem solving' Consultation


The cost of an initial 'Love Central Love Problem solving Consultation" is:


£25.00 GBP for an initial 20 minutes + £1.00 (GBP) for each additional minute.


Kaz Psychic accepts all major credit or debit cards with which you can pay over the phone for your consultation. No appointment necessary, Kaz works on a purely first come, first served basis.


Kaz Psychic is open 7 days per week from 12.;00 pm (Noon) (GMT) to 12.00 am (Midnight) (GMT). (please do NOT call outside of these hours).


Why suffer in silence - the anguish of love problems when unrivaled expert help and support is available by phoning Kaz Psychic? Kaz cares because you matter! Call Kaz Psychic now, you will be so glad you did!


Thanks for reading!


Bright positive blessings,

Kaz xx


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