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Kaz Psychic - Blog

A warm welcome to the blog of Kaz Psychic!


This page is where you can read the latest updates on Kaz Psychic's intuitive's, news, views, amazing services and useful tips, helpful snippets of information, interesting thoughts of the day and lots more!


It is a chance to get to know Kaz and read of any changes in availability etc.


Kaz Psychic Blog 824 x 618-min

Kaz Psychic Blog


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And now from Kaz herself....

Being Psychic can be frustrating 634 x 419-min


Being Psychic can be very frustrating at times !


Being psychic is sometimes very frustrating!

One of the most frustrating things for a psychic, is to foresee a future world event, like 9/11, and be unable to impart a warning of this to those who could help avert it.


Of course many might argue that it was meant to happen and perhaps nothing was going to stop it from happening anyway, but on the other hand, what if something like a 9/11 event could be averted by people taking more notice of a good psychic who has foreseen the event?


9/11 - the World Trade Center

Just days before 9/11 I had a very vivid vision of a plane flying over tall buildings in a location close to a major waterway, and then hitting the side of a tall skyscraper. Then in the same vision I saw the same thing pay out a second time over.

I remember thinking at the time, how odd it was to see the same thing happen twice over in the same vision, when normally the sources of my intuitive's are not inclined to labour the point by giving me the same vision twice over.


World Trade center

9/11 - World Trade "center"


Then a few days , I was sat at my desk with a live television news programme on in the , I was working on my health blog, and to my horror it broadcast live the two planes, hitting the World Trade center.


I had forgotten the vision I had, but I had told my daughter who at the time was being home educated and she saw the same news broadcast on TV that day too, she recalled the vision I had told her about, and of course, it spooked the pair of us!


The Pentagon

The Pentagon - Washington USA


Pentagon and other terrorists events

My daughter having watched the horror of this live with me that day, said to me "Oh I hope that will never happen again Mum" to which I replied rather impulsively "Oh but it is going to happen again soon, very soon, something is going to hit a lower flat building with a unique and distinctive shape in another part of America and then another plane will come down across the Hudson River from the World Trade "center", and there will be more after that starting with another in America and then one in Europe in the Winter when the snow is on the ground and it will come down in a rather remote location"!


My daughter gasped in horror as I sat there wondering where this came from, I felt like I had been in a semi-trance, I saw it play out as vividly in my mind's eye, as I did the 9/11 event. Those random thoughts should never be ignored.


Soon after, the Pentagon was hit and a then just across the Hudson River a plane went down in a suburban avenue, then another plane went down in another part of America and so did one in Europe soon after that, the one in Europe was downed into a snowy terrain!


If only a psychic voice could be heard and these terrible events averted, but skepticism is often rife among those who could act on these intuitive's and help to save those involved.


Remote Viewing, Lyn Buchanan and ISIS

Many years later during remote viewing training with Lyn Buchanan, a veteran remote viewing trainer in the former secret US Military remote viewing unit, during the Cold War, we got into a discussion about 9/11 and by this time terrorism from ISIS was spreading. Lyn asked me what intuitive's I had on the 9/11 incident, and I told him that I had had this vision of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon being hit, he was amazed. I went on to tell him that I felt that the ring leader, Bin Laden, was hiding in a tunnel he had built, which ran from the centre of three mountain range peaks close to the Afghanistan and Pakistan borders, there was a single track railway running the length of this tunnel and rooms off it, storing munitions and supplies, bunkers for sleeping in and that when the Afghanistan side was being bombed the train would be used to transport Bin Laden and his army into Pakistan and then when it was too dangerous to remain there, they would take the same route back and escape harm or detection. Lyn's face spoke a thousand volumes of astonishment, until he asked "how did you know about that, that is top secret"? Enough said! There are no hiding places from remote viewers and accurate life long psychics!,


Boston Bombing

Boston Bombing


Terrorism generally

Terrorism is something that is now more rife than ever across the world, with many living in mortal dread of being caught up in something like 9/11 or the Boston Bombing, events of which have negatively changed the lives of so many poor souls.


The Domino effect 340 x 221

The Domino effect

Domino effect

If you look back over your life, as it has unfolded so far, can you see the domino effect of past events?


Can you see any patterns of significance that explain why you are at the point in your present day life, that you are?


Nothing happens without a karmic or purposeful reason, often as you progress long life's journey, you can experience events, which at the time, appear to be inexplicable, even nonsensical or without purpose perhaps, but in the overall scheme of things and viewed objectively, as an outsider looking in, you can often see a definitive patterns and a series of knock on effects, whereby one event had to occur in order to have something several years later come about, in the scheme of things.


Once you see this pattern you should be able to see probabilities for a progression based upon this chain of events, which I term 'the domino effect'.


Ludwig Wittgenstgein Tractatus Logico-philosphicus Book Cover


Ludwig Wittgenstein Tractatus Logico-philosphicus Book Cover


The Tractatus Logico Philosophicus, is a truly amazing book and one of my all time favourite reads, it was written by Ludwig Wittgenstein and in this it states:


Ludwig Wittgenstein

Ludwig Wittgenstein


1* The world is all that is the case.
1.1 The world is the totality of facts, not of things.
1.11 The world is determined by the facts, and by their being
all the facts.
1.12 For the totality of facts determines what is the case, and
also whatever is not the case.
1.13 The facts in logical space are the world.
1.2 The world divides into facts.
1.21 Each item can be the case or not the case while everything
else remains the same.
2 What is the case—a fact—is the existence of states of
2.01 A state of affairs (a state of things) is a combination of
objects (things).

2.011 It is essential to things that they should be possible
constituents of states of affairs.
2.012 In logic nothing is accidental: if a thing can occur in a
state of affairs, the possibility of the state of affairs must
be written into the thing itself.

This last statement is very thought provoking, as it would suggest that karma plays a part in every eventuality, airing on the side of the more 'fatalistic' viewpoint.

The book goes on to state:

2.0121 It would seem to be a sort of accident, if it turned out
that a situation would fit a thing that could already exist
entirely on its own.
If things can occur in states of affairs, this possibility
must be in them from the beginning.
(Nothing in the province of logic can be merely
possible. Logic deals with every possibility and all
possibilities are its facts.)
Just as we are quite unable to imagine spatial objects
outside space or temporal objects outside time, so too
there is no object that we can imagine excluded from the
possibility of combining with others.
If I can imagine objects combined in states of affairs, I
cannot imagine them excluded from the possibility of
such combinations.
2.0122 Things are independent in so far as they can occur in all
possible situations, but this form of independence is a
form of connection with states of affairs, a form of
dependence. (It is impossible for words to appear in two
different roles: by themselves, and in propositions.)

here it is suggested that there is a 'domino effect' to events in our lives.

2.0123 If I know an object I also know all its possible occurrences
in states of affairs.
(every one of these possibilities must be part of the
nature of the object.)
A new possibility cannot be discovered later. (But can it?!)
2.01231 If I am to know an object, though I need not know its
external properties, I must know all its internal

The ending statement in the Tractatus, reads...

7 What we cannot speak about we must pass over in


Is this then, why, the old cliche states that 'Silence is Golden'?!


So have you to start out doing or being one thing in order to become another? - It would appear to be so.


In which case, if you consider the theories of reincarnation, then you might suppose that you have to be one thing in one life in order to come back and be something else in the next but with a bearing on the previous, otherwise why would the concept of continuity exist?


Isn't life mind bending at times?


So in essence, one event has to be a sort of catalyst for another. In which case, is it possible that if we assume that having done/experienced one thing, that it is also right for us to assume that the natural progression will be that we follow on with something related to what we have already done, in the overall scheme of things?




The basis of who you are now, is who you were or have been.


Many believe you cannot change the past, but actually you can, via remote viewing the past and undoing the basis of negative events experienced now using a combination of remote influencing, remote abreactions and mind scripting. In doing this, you also change the future, so something like terrorism could in effect be averted before it occurs, we really are in essence the masters of our own destiny and sadly few people can see this, hence life goes on and we continue to experience more negatives, but that said, we can also by the same token, continue to experience positives based upon previous positives! The positive path should be the one preferred!


Now there is food for thought!


This is why my work in remote viewing and remote influencing CAN solve your problems, past, present and future and with a very high success rate too!


Solar Return - How important is this to you?!

I am pretty sure that you didn't know that your Solar Return is your true real birthday.


Knowing the exact timing of this important event is vital because there will be an open window of enormous power available to you to use towards your own progress and growth.

With this extraordinary tool you can learn how to unlock your own inner power and use it to benefit your life!


Get a free solar return chart when you have a psychic reading with Kaz and find out what really lies ahead of you! The best just gets better all the time!


Click here to view a sample Solar Return chart.


Also check out the free gifts page


Change the past

Change the past?


Can't change the past?

The basis of who you are now, is who you were or have been.


On this basis, past problems will undoubtedly act as 'neural triggers' which in some instances, many well create problems for you in the now and in the future.


So in order to resolve a present day problem, such as a failing relationship, or a traumatic parting from a loved one, it is vital that the root cause of the problem is traced back, identified as the start of the sequence of events, which lead up to, and create, the basis for the problems being experienced in the present day, in order that the future can be saved from loss or continuing ruin.


This of course begs the question "Can you undo the past"?


The past CAN be changed so that the ensuing events can be altered and as a result halt the rot in the present day so that the future can be preserved to offer a more positive and desired outcome free of negative patterns that in essence have created the basis for the present day problems?


At this point in reading this you are probably scratching your head amid feeling someone puzzled and even disbelieving as to how this is possible or even it this is really possible at all!


But the use of high level, specialist remote viewing and remote influencing techniques can, together with remote abreactions, remote mind scripting and remote mind mapping, make this possible and with very positive effects.


Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM Sleep)

When we go to bed at night, we dream every 90 minutes in what is known as "Rapid Eye Movement Sleep" (REM), it is during these REM cycles that our brains tend to engage in filing away into our mind's archive system; all of our experiences for each and every passing day.


As our brains go into different archives to file our daily experiences, it will note that perhaps some present day experiences, mirror those in the past, or even past lives.


Intercepting this process using remote viewing, Kaz can use her specialist techniques as mentioned above, to trace and identify trigger points, and root causes to present day issues of concern, and effectively alter the minds viewpoint and analysis of these inherent neural triggers or root causes, so that you can then enable the process of working back forward to the present day, having eliminated the basis and root cause for negative thinking patterns, which have formed the basis of the negative way in which we have come to perceive and subsequently react to past root causing events and bases for the damaging neural triggers which have ruined out lives in the present day.


Breaking the negative patterns helps remove the basis of present day problems and in turn averts the ensuing and ongoing ruination of our lives, once based upon those negative past experiences and events, which have shaped our mind set through its many evolutionary incarnations to the present day.


Some may regard this as a process of creating a 'false memory', of creating a more positive persuasion/viewpoint, so that the future beyond those past root events, can be undone in the progressive scheme of things.

The psychology or perception is mission critical.


Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

Two different people, can have a car accident, each writing off their cars, but one may think -


"Oh well I needed a new car anyway and one which is more modern, has better safety features and makes for a more pleasant driving experience, so OK this is the kick up the backside I needed to make me go buy a new car, and my insurance payout will now facilitate that"!

Whilst the other person might become fractious, emotional, distressed and say - "Oh my favourite car, I can't do without it, nothing will ever be the same again and I wish this had not happened".


It is all a question of whether you choose to take the positive viewpoint (via adopting a 'positive mental attitude') or the negative one!


Some negative experiences lead to positive outcomes and positive changes in our lives ahead, but only if you choose to take a more positive viewpoint in the first instance.


Whatever is foremost in your mind at any one time, is what you perpetuate more of, so please be very careful about what is in your mind set!


By going back into the past and removing root cause of today's problems, you CAN effectively change the past in order to change the present and then go on to change the future and you flick all of the negative switches over from negative to positive, the end result is truly amazing.


This is not something you can do for yourself but that is where I can help!


Why let the past spoil and mar your future?


Nothing is set in stone, and all things can be changed, the question is - have you got a closed mind that you refuse to believe this to be possible or are you a positive person who will embrace this concept and give it a try?


The future is bright depending upon your viewpoint and how you act upon it!


Hurt in Love

Often when we get hurt in love, it can put us into the mind set of making us feel that we can never find happiness, and in such instances where mistrust and betrayal of a loved one, occurs, we may come to expect the same betrayal of trust in all others.


A man who loses his mother or experiences some sort of event which puts he and his mother at some sort of emotional distance, may well go on to find it hard to relate properly toward women he becomes involved with in adult relationships, so that these women effectively bear the brunt of his negative past, here we go again with the 'Domino effect'!

This can lead to understandable commitment phobia and failure to sustain a relationship, but often I have used my specialist techniques to take the man back in time (remotely) during his REM cycles, and I have changed his negative viewpoint of that early childhood wounding, so that he no longer views it in the same negative way, and then following back through to the present day, the damage that was once there, is systematically removed until his present day viewpoint has changed and he is more stable and not expectant of failure, loss or to have the tendency to allow the former negatives of his past, go on to negatively affect his present day relationship so that the future of any relationship he may have, can progress to a happy sustainable one with no hesitance by way of making a more firm commitment.


Yes the past can be changed!


Call me to have any destructive patterns removed.


I specialize in resolving love relationship problems!


Would you like me to resolve yours too?


Anything is possible!


Meanwhile, watch this space for more entries in due course!


What are your loved ones in spirit trying to tell you?


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Rectification to discover true birth time

If you do not know your true time of birth Kaz can use astrological rectification to find this out, and to do this she will need information (applicable to events which have happened since you were born - and not prior it) such as:


The month and year of a previous marriage you may have had

The month and year of any divorce you may have had

The month and year of your Mother's death (if deceased)

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Kaz - accurate, amazing psychic readings, from a trusted, genuine and uncannily accurate psychic, who also offers professional remote viewing, and who specializes in resolving love and relationship problems, and love astrology (Synastry) plus a whole lot more!......


Kaz is an Internationally known professional psychic medium, clairvoyant medium, and astrologer, of over 44 years (up to and including 2019).


Kaz has also appeared on TV and on live radio in the UK and also overseas as a psychic, and has read for Royal and titled people, famous celebrities and public figures including Lords and MP's of the UK, people from all walks of life.


Kaz tells the truth - not fairy stories!


The question is- do you want a fairy story or the truth?


As well as being a professional psychic, Kaz is also a post graduate, advanced level trained and certificated professional remote viewer and remote influencer, with unrivalled expertise in solving life and love problems using a combination of remote viewing, remote influencing and other specialist modalities of expertise.

Kaz is a specialist in solving love and relationship problems, relationship coaching and mentoring and life coaching, as well as holding an MASC Diploma in Professional Stress Consultancy.

Integral in her specialist love problem solving work, aided by her natural psychic ability, are modalities such as psychic detection, life coaching, Synastry (astrological love compatibility), life path alignment, soul alignment, self empowerment and mind scripting.

Kaz is also a brain entrainment consultant and expert in brainwave synchronization, brainwave entrainment and brainwave frequency therapy.

Kaz is a co-founder of the Institute of Mind and Life Advancement (IMALA).


Kaz is a natural born, life long psychic with powerful highly developed 6th and 7th sense. 6th sense being typical of a natural psychic, 7th sense as a professional remote viewer.


Kaz was trained by Lyn Buchanan author of the book "The Seventh Sense".

Call Kaz now - you will be so glad you did!


Watch this space for more entries coming soon!


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