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Kaz - Karmic Astrology

The astrology of what is 'meant to be'!

Karmic Astrology -  the astrology of what is meant to be by Kaz Psychic


'Karmic' or 'Evolutionary Astrology' is one of the most fascinating branches of astrology one could get into. In essence it is about the recycling of souls!


The basis of who you are now is who you were, or have been, suffice to say that our past and past lives, in many ways, will serve to play a large part of shaping us into who we are now, just as who we are now will shape us into what we become in the future and probably in future lives or incarnations.


Kaz is fortunate enough to have invested over £5,000 in the Kepler Astrology programme and all of its additional reports, not to mention the beautiful 'Cosmic Patterns Art Wheels'.


Several of the additional reports we bought as add-on's with our powerful and beautifully presented Kepler Astrology programme, were in depth reports on past lives, and karmic past lives, and karmic insights, which enable us to trace you though your many past lives or incarnations right up to the present day and then on and beyond the present day into your future by way of astrological transits charts, which give you a personalized daily horoscope, unique to you and based upon your date of birth, time and place of birth, all of which makes for far greater accuracy than generic horoscopes you might read in newspapers or magazines, which tend to be generalized for everyone born under the same Sun sign as you. We can progress these charts to give you a personalized horoscope for as many years into the future as desired, or even just for the next few months!


Every time you have a psychic reading with Kaz you will receive a FREE or complimentary Kepler Astrology Chart, the list of amazingly and uncannily accurate Kepler Astrology Charts you can choose from is on our 'Free Gifts' page.


Among the free/complimentary Kepler Astrology charts you can choose from, are amazing Kepler charts called:


"Kepler Redd's Cayce Past Life Report/Chart"
"Kepler Karmic Past Life Report/Chart"
"Kepler Karmic Insights Report/Chart"
"Kepler Poppe Mini Minder Destiny & Decisions Karmic Business Forecast Report/Chart"
"Kepler Merlin Natal Report/Chart"
"Kepler Personality Scores Report/Chart


The 'Redd's Cayce Past Life Report/Chart" gives an in depth look at your past lives or incarnations, right back to the beginning of time, almost like the history of you, through your past lives and evolvement into who you are now or have become. This report/chart, is said to be as good as a psychic or past life reading with Edgar Cayce himself!


The fascinating thing about reading through your 'Redd's Cayce Past Life Report/Chart', is that you can see patterns, which show why you had to be the person you were in one incarnation in order to evolve into the person you were in a subsequent incarnation; giving a greater understanding of your past life/lives purpose, and also your present day one. When you read who you were you can better understand your karmic path and why you are who you are today, as well as where you are going or are meant to go!


Click on the Astrology chart picture below to view a sample "Kepler Redd's Cayce Past Life Report/Chart":


)Prince William's Kepler Redds Cayce Past Life Report by Kaz Psychic - Natal Wheel

Click on the above image (Prince William's Kepler Natal Art Wheel

to view Kepler - "Redd's Cayce Past Life Report" for Prince William


The 'Kepler Karmic Past Life Report/Chart', is another fascinating read, and it gives another slant on a person's past lives, and their evolvement through their past into this life time.


Click on the Astrology chart picture below to view a sample "Prince William's Kepler Karmic Past Life Report/Chart by Kaz Psychic ":


Prince William - Karmic Past Life Report

Click on the above image (Prince William's Kepler Natal Art Wheel)

to view Kepler "Karmic Past Life Report/Chart" for Prince William


The 'Kepler Karmic Insights Report/Chart' only serves to add more depth and clarity to the two charts mentioned above, in that it offers an in depth insight into your Karmic destiny based upon the previous two charts. It will assist you in knowing why you have been incarnated into this life time, perhaps as part of some grand of divine plan or purpose. This is helpful to people who find themselves looking for their true direction and perhaps resolving a point in your life where you find yourself at some sort of cross-roads in your life. Or perhaps you have been working in an unfulfilling job, and want to know if you should be doing something else, and if so, what, and more to the point what are you meant to be doing karmically speaking.


Click on the Astrology chart picture below to view a sample "Kepler Karmic Past Life Report/Chart":


Prince William Kepler Karlic Insights Report and Natal Wheel by Kaz Psychic

Click on the above image (Prince William's Kepler Natal Art Wheel)

to view Kepler "Karmic Insights Report/Chart" for Prince William


Studying the above reports/charts, can you see the fascinating way in which Prince William has evolved into his present day incarnation?

Let me enlighten you! ....


In Prince William's Kepler Redd's Cayce Past Life report/chart, it states the following about Prince William:

At least one of your past lives was an intensely emotional one, probably lived during matriarchal, close-knit cultures where the lineage was female and children were much more dependent upon their other or their maternal relatives. In the present, during particularly stressful periods, you may have a tendency to return to this early past life pattern and feel you should not be held totally responsible for your actions or shortcomings. Of course, with prayerful application of your will, this tendency can be overcome.


"Now, you were probably part of European culture during the Middle Ages, when there was considerable action and adventure, for example in the continual feuding and strife among the many fiefdoms, families, tribes, castles and kingdoms comprising Europe before its present consolidation into several nation-states".


"You may even have been among the gentry or upper class of France or England, attending or participating in jousting tournaments, making long journeys to the Crusades against the Muslims in Palestine, or involved with trade exchanges with the caravans going to and from India and China".


"Especially indicated are lives in the early Jewish-Christian Church and later as an artist-musician in modern times, whether in the West (Europe and/or America), or in modern or colonial Asia".


Prince William lost his mother, Princess Diana, as a teenager, and having done so, was unable to depend upon his mother or run to her for cover when times got tough, breaking a pattern or tendency where he could have leaned toward her, and as a result it will have shaped Prince William to be more of a stand-alone guy, able to be the strong independent man he is today, yet a nurturing one, now with a family of his own.


It is also apparent that Prince William was among the gentry in either upper class France of England, in a past life, so this may be a case of him being something of a recycled soul within his own family or his French relations, if any!


Prince William, when he first started attending St. Andrew's University, was reading Geography as an undergraduate, until his relationship with the then Kate Middleton, now his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, herself a student and studying the History of Art, influence Prince William to switch to studying the History of Art, alongside her. So a new female nurturing influence in his life, to replace his late Mother, Princess Diana, became a replacement for perhaps that of his late mother. So was his past life incarnation as a musician or artist in Western Europe, and or America or Colonial Asia being followed through by his reading the 'History of Art' in this life time?!


In the middle ages, Prince William is stated as being party to feuding and tribalism, in European culture, and in this life time he served in both the Royal Airforce and the British Army, again following through from something he was engaged in back in one of his past lives!


In Prince William's Kepler, "Karmic Past Life Report/Chart" it states:

You have a strong sense of morality which is not obvious to the outer world. You set very high standards of personal conduct. You can be very harsh on yourself for even the slightest transgression. You may become overly optimistic about unsound ideas or projects.

Look for a significant prior lifetime where traditional religious beliefs were honored. Consider your current attitudes towards traditional religion. Possible prior fields of endeavour include the ministry, or being part of a religious governing body, aviation, merchant shipping, teaching or the legal profession.


You have a very serious interest in religion, philosophy, higher education. You ideas are very conservative and traditional. You value your reputation and can contribute to maintaining traditional social values as you mature.


You have a fear public disapproval, because, in a prior life you were outspoken and acted against social conventions of the time. You may fear long distance travel or dislike certain countries without rational explanation. Your fears and dislikes are rooted in prior lives where you suffered or died while taking a journey or living in a foreign country.


Jupiter describes spiritual rewards as well as the area of your current life where you may experience material gains.


Spiritual understanding in prior lifetimes enabled you to relinquish personal power to a Greater Will. Inspiration came to you in philosophical, psychic or artistic matters. Your past life memories give you empathy and psychic gifts. You may see these gifts as providing opportunity to assist spiritual advancement in others. Use your good judgement about the proper use of your special talents.


In a prior life, you may have exercised your freedom, without concern for the feelings or welfare of others. You may have been a revolutionary or just in the avant-garde.

Your lesson in this lifetime is to carry yourself and others forward, but with a gentler touch. Progress and advancement can be achieved when people want it, not when it is forced upon them.


Your lesson in this lifetime is to learn to detach yourself from others without complete destruction of your relationships.


Adding the greater depth of the information from Prince William's Kepler 'Karmic Past Life Report/Chart', to that of the 'Kepler Redd's Cayce Past Life Report/Chart' you can see that Prince William has some lessons to learn in this incarnation, based upon his actions in previous ones! ......


In Prince William's Kepler Karmic Past Life report/chart, it states that Prince William has a 'strong sense of morality', 'very high standards of personal conduct', will possibly be engaged in 'aviation' in this life time, with a serious interest in 'higher education' and also 'maintaining conservative and traditional ideas' all of which ring t rue given that he is in line to become a future King on the United Kingdom! It also states that Prince William will value his reputation and will 'maintain traditional social values as he matures', which of course he would need to given his Royal position!


Additionally Prince William's Kepler Karmic Past Life Report/Chart states that Prince William will have a fear of disapproval, and not surprisingly given the history of his family where ancestors suffered at the hands of disapproval! No wonder then that he has evolved into this life time perhaps having learned the lessons of being 'outspoken and acted against social conventions of the time'. Naturally he had to be reincarnated into his Royal position to force a switch to someone more controlled and orderly! Interestingly it states that in a previous incarnation Prince William had a 'dislike certain countries without rational explanation', on account of what this report/chart goes on to state was 'Your (Prince William) fears and dislikes are rooted in prior lives where you suffered or died while taking a journey or living in a foreign country'. And look what happened to his late Mother Princess Diana, as a result of visiting a foreign country! Hence his empathy with those suffering loss in this life time. Perhaps France and in particular Paris, is a place associated with distress for Prince William, given that his beloved mother lost her life in Paris?


In many ways it would seem that Prince William, in this life time is making amends for his previous ones, via loss of loved ones leading to empathy with others suffering loss, when you read that in his past lives he is reported to have "in a prior life, you (Prince William) may have exercised your freedom, without concern for the feelings or welfare of others. And then the it goes on to say your (Prince William) past life memories give you empathy' so this would confirm my feeling that he may well be here to make amends for his past lives, as with most of us I shouldn't wonder, otherwise why are we here? We have to be here to learn valuable lessons which follow on from previous incarnations in order to evolve as we do into more rounded people. Knowledge is power, and learning essential to personal growth. Nothing is ever without some purpose.


Interestingly in this same Kepler Karmic Past Life Report/chart, it states (about Prince William) that "Your lesson in this lifetime is to learn to detach yourself from others without complete destruction of your relationships". Perhaps this was why he had to lose his beloved mother? We always seem to lose in order to gain.


The Kepler Karmic Insight's Chart, is a 'portrait of your soul's intention for this lifetime' and the lessons you have come here into this life time to learn, based upon your past lives. It is clear that Prince William had to be who he was in his past lives in order to be who he is today!


Prince William will of course inherit considerable wealth and real estate from his father Prince Charles and in turn his grandparents, The Queen and Prince Philip, which of course is reflected in the "Kepler Poppe Mini Minder Destiny and Decisions Karmic Business Forecast Report/Chart".


Click on the Astrology chart picture below to view a sample "Kepler Poppe Mini Minder Destiny and Decisions Karmic Business Forecast Report/Chart":


Kepler Destiny and Decisions Report on Prince William by Kaz Psychic


Click on the above image (Prince William's Kepler Natal Art Wheel) to view:


Kepler "Poppe Mini Minder Destiny and Decisions Karmic Business Forecast Chart" for Prince William


This chart can be drawn up for the next 50 years! But the one you can sample by clicking on the above image was drawn up for 12 months.


By studying the trends in this chart and Prince William's "Kepler Merlin Report/Chart" you can form a picture of how life in the future, is going to pan out for Prince William, given the character traits reported in the 'Kepler Merlin Chart and the Kepler Poppe Mini Minder Destiny and Decisions Report/Chart' (accessible to view above).


Click on the Astrology chart picture below to view a sample "Kepler Merlin Report/Chart":


Kepler Merlin Natal Report - Prince William by Kaz Psychic

Click on the above image (Prince William's Kepler Natal Art Wheel)

to view Kepler "Merlin Report/Chart" for Prince William


Going further again, also take a look at the "Kepler Profile Scores Report/Chart" for Prince William, which charts how Prince William scores in terms of his own individual personality, based of course upon his exact, date, place, time of birth in this lifetime.

Click on the Astrology chart picture below to view a sample "Kepler Personality Scores Report/Chart":


Kepler Personality Scores Chart - Prince William by Kaz Psychic


Click on the above image (Prince William's Kepler Natal Art Wheel)to view Kepler "Personality Scores Report/Chart" for Prince William


Bearing in mind that in a "Kepler Personality Scores Report/Chart" the score values are:


A score above 150 is very high.
A score from 125 to 150 is above average.
A score of around 100 (75 to 125) is average.
A score from 50 to 75 is below average.
A score below 50 is very low .........


It is no surprise then that in Prince William's "Kepler Personality Scores Report/Chart" it states:


"9. Nurturing, family-oriented, domestic, devotional, supportive: 139"


Losing his beloved late mother (Princess Diana) and being born under the sign of Cancer, a sensitive water sign of the Zodiac, it is no surprise that Prince William has come back in this life time with empathy and such a high score for 'nurturing, being family orientated, domestic, devotional, and supportive is it?!


The above score is further reinforced by this one .....


"16. Loyalty to friends, family, spouse. Intensity of bonding: 137"


As the future King of the United Kingdom Prince William would have to score well in these respects too (and he does!):


"19. Need to be part of an organization, company, or club. Contributor to group effort:128"


Prince William also scores well again this time in .....


"20. Need to receive recognition, attention, status, encouragement. Drive to stand out or be a leader: 159"


Again no surprise here, given his Royal position and the likelihood of his becoming a future King of the United Kingdom!


You will of course draw your own conclusions from reading this article, which I hope you will find of interest and also stimulating!


I have written another page on tis web site on Astrology which you might find of interest, it is on the 'Astrology of Love"!


To read my page on "The Astrology of Love" go HERE.


New articles are added frequency so please be sure to keep checking in to see what is new!


Thanks for reading!

Bright Positive Blessings,

Kaz XX


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