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Kaz Psychic - Ten Golden rules for your first date

Be thoughtful and romantic but don't come across too strong as this can be off putting......


The Golden Dating Rules 860 x 484-min


Ten Golden rules for your first date


There are many things to avoid doing on a first date and some things you need to be doing on your first date too, first impressions count a lot, so it is important to get things right on your first date, here are ten Golden rules which will make all of the difference and help make the right impressions too!

First Date


First date - don't over think the first date venue


Ten Golden rules for your first date

You might decide to try on-line dating web sites, which are the way in which many people meet these days, and filling out often long-winded forms on site, about yourself, to choosing the right profile picture, online dating is no an easy option sometimes.


After getting over the first hurdle of having asked someone out on a date, or having been asked out on a date, be it via a dating web site or from meeting in a more candid and general way, you are than faced with having to navigate what was in terms of meeting perhaps on an online dating web site, something of a virtual reality into to a reality, and first dates are never easy at the best of times, as you strive to make a good first impression whilst praying that it will all run nice and smoothly!


Often people you meet on line, turn out to be completely different from what they appeared to be.


'Singles Badge'

The dating gurus at a dating site called 'Singles Badge', a social networking site for singles, came up with ten golden rules to help you to get through your first date and on to your second.


Here are the ten Golden rules for your first date -

Here are their ten Golden rules for that all important first date and in their own words:


1. Don't go 'over-thinking' the rendezvous venue

Going for a drink in a more intimate pub or bar is probably the best option for a first date. It is safer, there are other's around you in case your date turns out to be an undesirable person in real life (assuming you met via a dating site or were set up on a blind date), and it is advisable to avoid inviting your date home until you have taken the time to get to know them and assessed the level of trust and comfort you have in being with them. Never allow yourself to be forced into anything more than a drink in a public place until you are sure you are completely safe with this new person in your life.


Some people try to be more adventurous and creative for their first dates, but actually that can over complicate things.


Somewhere quiet

Picking somewhere quiet, where you have a good chat and get to know each other is worth it in the long run, perhaps a quiet corner of a bar, cafe or restaurant where there are other people around you.


Then, if there is a second date, the more fun activities can follow and will be much more appreciated by you both once you are more relaxed and comfortable with each other.



First Date what to wear


2. The all important 'what to wear'

Dress appropriate for the occasion and be aware of your social environment....



Don't wear a suit unless you are going to an occasion that requires a suit. Wearing a suit can look far too formal and stuffy, if you are out for a drink then wear something smart/casual.


Make an effort

Make an effort with your appearance.


Jeans or Chino's and a good fitting shirt or a polo shirt make for a strong look.


You can always team that with a suit jacket for good measure.



Wear something that you feel comfortable in; the last thing you need is to be constantly fiddling or pulling your top/skirt down.


You still want to feel amazing in whatever you are wearing though, as this will give you confidence and be wary of shoes that are ill-fitting or too high to walk in. The last thing you want is to topple over, trip or find that if your date is a questionable character that you can't run for it, to escape any unwanted or heavy advances!


Little black dress

That little black dress if teamed with appropriate footwear and accessories is always a good choice, but if it is too short or low cut this is not going to do you any favours, for obvious reasons!


Before the date, make a mental note of some questions to ask.


Keep the conversation a mix of questions about your date and information about yourself, but without sounding like you are overly self-absorbed, egotistical or boastful.



What to eat on first date

What to order to eat on a first date



3. What to order to eat on a first date

Keep it simple but keep it clean.


We all love ribs, but eating them will not show you at your most attractive. Spaghetti is also not a wise choice either - far too messy and you don't want to finish up with your face and clothing covered in tomato sauce! Ordering Lamb or Pork chops isn't a good idea especially if you intend to pick them up with your fingers and eat the flesh off them, which is just not the done thing in a restuarant anyway!


Don't order a salad and then eat all your date’s chips and always order something that is easy for you to eat and talk at the same time but do not talk which you have food in your mouth, as this is ill mannered and poor etiquet.


conversing couple

Keeping the conversation flowing is vital



4. Conversation

This is probably the hardest part of a date because nerves can make it difficult to keep the conversation flowing.


Try to think of interesting things to talk about, hobbies, interests, positive life experiences, perhaps from traveling and exploring amazing places, but if your date starts to look a tad bored then change the subject of your conversation. Avoid talking over your date too, it is very off-putting and rude. Don't take to mocking or debasing interests or things that your date says, this is also a huge no-no!


Big turn off

Ensure you listen to what your date has to say and don't just talk about yourself – this is a big turn off.


Don't get too political or opinionated on your first date either, these conversations can be misconstrued and you’ll have them at a later date anyway.


Avoid mentioning ex-partners and if the conversation comes up, keep your opinions on your own ex, as pleasant, short and concise as possible, avoiding elaborate and in-depth detail, 'too much information' can also be a huge turn off! You don't want to risk your date thinking you are still hung up on your ex-partner by talking too much about them.

5. Mind your p's and q's

It is so important to be polite and have good manners. Ensure you have good table manners and don't talk with your mouth full of food. Avoid using foul language and making a mess of the table, your clothing or hands, if you are eating,


Don't eat too fast

Don't eat too fast either, this is a turn off too!


Be thoughtful and romantic but don't come across too strong as this can off putting. It is all about balance, not too much and not too little either.


Women, please note that men like to pursue, they don't like to be pursued!


couple sitting ar right angle to each other

Sit at a right angle to one another


6. Seating plan

Try and sit at a right angle to each other so there are other places to look apart from directly at each other.


This will make you both feel more relaxed and the date will feel less intense.


Bad to use phone whilst on date

It is rude to use your phone when out on a date


7. Phone etiquette

Do not have your phone on the table throughout the date.


You shouldn't look at your phone either, as this is very rude.


Where possible, switch your phones off and leave them in a pocket or if a woman, in a handbag.


Phone use - only in an emergency

Only answer the phone if it is an emergency.


If you have children and are worried the baby sitter may try and get through, then explain this at the beginning of the date.


Checking your phone can be interpreted as you being bored rather than worrying about the sitter.


paying bill in restaurant

Paying the dreaded bill in a restaurant!


8. Paying the all too dreaded bill!

This is always the difficult part, so who should pay? It is always good for both parties to offer to pay for the bill, or at least their part.


People have very different ideas on this situation.


Some people believe it is their duty to pay for the entire bill, others feel that splitting the bill is the way forward.


If your date insists on treating you to a meal and paying for both your meal and theirs, avoid ordering the most expensive dishes and drinks on the menu, choose something around or just below the same price as the food your host/date is ordering, to be fair and to be seen as a person who is not into taking advantage of the good nature and generosity of others. If you run by this rule you are more likely to be offered a follow on date too! Even the most generous and wealthiest of hosts/dates paying for you both can feel taken advantage of!


No right or wrong answer to this

There is no right or wrong answer to this, but get a feel from your date as to their wishes. If they are happy for you to pay, then by all means go ahead and pay for the bill.


If you feel they are uncomfortable then just split the bill. If the date has gone well, there should be another date where you can split the bill or take it in turns once again.


9. The goodbye

You should always follow the rule of less is more on a first date.


Only you can judge the situation in terms of whether you should part with a handshake or a friendly kiss - and that will be down to how well the date has gone. But whatever you decide, be confident in your action.


If it is a handshake, make it a firm one and if it is a kiss, make it friendly... no tongues and avoid ending up in bed on your first date! Don't be pressured into ending up in bed either.



First dates should be no more than a hug and a kiss on the cheek; they will respect you more in the long run don't cheapen yourself by taking things onto a more intimate footing on a first date, irrespective of the level of attraction.


10. The follow-up date

If you've had an enjoyable date then it is always good to text your date to thank them for the night. But, wait until your date replies before sending anymore texts! There is nothing more off putting than sending your date a barrage of endless texts it is phenomenally off-putting and could ruin your chances of the relationship progressing forward to something meaningful like an eventual marriage.


From their response, you will be able to gauge whether or not you want a second date. If your date doesn't respond then wait until they do.


Realistic expectations

Don't keep hassling them, be realistic in your expectations.


If you get no response then perhaps they aren't that interested, so please have some self-respect and accept this, stalking and harassment is a criminal offence.


First date and flowers

First date and flowers


Remember - be thoughtful and romantic but don't come across too strong as this can off putting.



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Thanks for reading!

Best of luck on your first date!Bright positive blessings,

Kaz xx

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