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Dating site nightmare

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Kaz Psychic has spent over 45 years helping to resolve love and love relationship problems, including ones caused by peoples negative experiences on dating websites!

Kaz Psychic offers help for those who experience a dating site nightmare

It is a daunting prospect for many who themselves on their own, either as a result of a relationship or marriage breakdown, widowhood or as a result of not having found the right one, or from being unsuccessful in finding a true and genuine soul mate and even more so by joining a dating website, where things can go very badly wrong and you can get severely emotionally damaged.
Kaz can help you to find your true and genuine soul mate, and to vet the people you might meet on dating sites too.
Dating sites are a minefield of more often than not, fake profiles, created by scammers who have, via these fake profiles, cheated vulnerable and lonely people out of their life's savings and broken their hearts too. Don't let this happen to you.

Kaz has conducted extensive research into dating sites and has some amazing resources to share with you, where dating profiles can be checked out against a list of known scammers exposed on a useful website, better safe than sorry!

Kaz knows what to look for on dating sites, when it comes to the scammers and she will share this vital and privy information with you.

Kaz will also remote view a person you meet on a dating site to see if what they are telling you, checks out and whether they are all claim to be.
Dating is not something to leave to chance and it isn't just scammers out to scam money from vulnerable and lovely people via dating sites there are also dangerous and violent spouse beaters and other very unsavory people who pose a risk to genuine people looking for love on dating sites.
Let Kaz check them out for you and see if they stack up, it will save you considerable heartbreak and loss.
With 45 years (up to and including 2020) of unrivaled expertise, Kaz's expertise has well stood the test of time.
Can you afford to entrust your love future to anything other than a true professional like Kaz?

Kaz cares because you matter.


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Vulnerable targets

We all need to love and to be loved.
Statistically, those living alone, don't live as long as those of us who are coupled and happy.
No surprise then, that so many lonely and unattached people, looking for love, to be loved or for someone to love, find themselves joining on line dating websites, in search of that all elusive soul mate they are so desperate to find.
Sadly, all too many vulnerable people on such a quest, become all too easy targets for scammers, psychologically and emotionally damaged or dangerous people, who could potentially do you more harm than good, either from just telling you lies, right through to scamming you for money and breaking your heart, or even physically, verbally or emotionally harming you.

Research into the dating site scammers (Male)

Kaz and her team have conducted considerable research as to what goes on, on these dating websites, by creating profiles to engage with people on them, and with very disturbing results.

The scammers always seem to have high end careers and be widowed

Many scammers targeting older women on dating web sites, seem to claim to be widowed, professionals such as engineers who are working away on some high end contract such as managing a Gold or Diamond mine, serving as a high ranking officers in the military. part of a peacekeeping mission with an organization such as the United Nations or a retired company director who is still active in some sort of business or philanthropic work.
They like to make themselves sound important and impressive. Many also claim that they have children whom they seldom see, because they are working in a high end career in another country.

Dating site scammers tell you what you want to hear

Most of these scammers, males in many instances will indulge vulnerable women in rhetoric which they know she will want to hear, such as telling you 'they have been searching for you all of their lives', 'you are the one for them and they want to rush home from their overseas mission to sweep you off your feet and marry you'. Music to the ears of a woman wanting love and marriage, some stability and to be cared for.

Typical opening dialogue of dating site scammers

Lovely messages from these scammers always start with things like "Hi sweetheart I want you to know that I can't wait to meet you, how has your day been so far, did you sleep well last night, I couldn't sleep for wanting to be with you,......".

Lovely messages from scammers to get you to connect on social media messaging

These lovely messages continue and soon after all of this romantic dialogue commences, they are wanting to have your contact information, chat to you on Skype or Whatsapp, have your phone number and address. But then they start telling you that they have spent lots of money buying you the most fantastic engagement ring but that they don't have enough air fare to fly over to you and sweep you off your feet, claiming that the company they were working for has had funding issues and can't pay them their wage yet, and if only they had enough money to fly over and see you as they were desperate to meet you.

Older women of means are a favorite target for dating site scammers

Of course this is the oldest trick in the book with scammers targeting lonely middle aged females whom they perceive to be women of means, with their own home, solvent. Widows who might have been left solvent by a late husband or lone career women, are a favoured target by such scammers. Lonely vulnerable women who will be scammed into sending these crooks the airfare to fly over to them and of course, no sooner they send these scammers money, another convenient snag occurs - like they were robbed in the airport for their wallet and bank cards and are stranded, in a bid to get you to send them more money - perhaps via a facility such as Western Union who have branches in overseas airports. If the can dupe 20 women with the same story and scenario and each one of these vulnerable women parts with a £1,000 or $1,000 then they have earned well for doing nothing more than sitting behind their computers, enjoying the twisted satisfaction from their scamming activities.

A action lawsuit taken out against a Ghanaian dating site scammer

A few years ago a Ghana based scammer tried to dupe several vulnerable women of all ages, out of their life's savings.
All of the women parted with considerable money but when one of these women, after some detective work, discovered she had been scammed, she decided to prosecute to recover her money, the case became high profile.
Other women who had fallen victim to the same male scammer from Ghana, on finding out that they were not alone, as they too had been scammed by this criminal male, came forward and the result was that this group of women all joined forces and took out a class action law suite against him in a court in Ghana and ensured that he got his comeuppance!
But how many women never find out that the are not alone in having been scammed and lose out on bringing these criminals to justice?

The Casanova scammer of younger women on dating sites

Younger females are targeted by similar Casanova's but they want to scam for a different reason, the 'friends with benefits' angle is favoured here, scammers are not looking for a long term marital relationship, as their profiles claim, many are married but claim to be single as with the scammers targeting vulnerable older women, and looking for a women to validate their virility perhaps from living in a sterile marriage, which is what many of these men term as 'sexless designer frumps', matriarchal women, who have had the children, want nothing more than a companion and have lost interest in a sexually active relationship with their husbands. The 'French way' comes into play.

The French way

In France it is commonplace for married men to see their wives as their 'consort' and their mistress as their sex life, preserving a respectable front as a happily married man with a family and a career, whilst indulging in a rampant sex life with a mistress, often accepted by their wives just as long as their husbands don't leave them and they don't lose shared assets, suffice to say that both parties find themselves in sterile, loveless, asset traps.
No surprise then, that this way of working relationships has spread with the emergence of the European Union for example.
Influences rub off.

Married men on dating sites pretending to be single

This of course, sees many married men joining dating sites and claiming that they are single, in a bid to lure a vulnerable lonely female into an illicit relationship whilst making it more palatable to remain in sterile marriages and asset traps.
In essence, this is another type of scamming activity to be encountered on dating websites, who do nothing to validate the marital status of their members, leaving single, vulnerable and lonely women, vulnerable to being duped and having their time wasted.

The heartbreak of the invisible or disappearing man!

Of course, the problems start when these vulnerable women start to want to see more of these married men and the men wanting to preserve their marriages and assets, will suddenly start going missing, claiming pressure of work is the issue, or they simply dump women and move onto a less demanding female.
These men risk being found out and a woman scorned is hot on their tails poised to cause havoc!
Some men derive pleasure from living dangerously, it is all part of the mischief and fun, but it isn't much fun for a lonely female just wanting to find someone to love and be loved by.

Eye candy deception

So many men, scammers and genuine men alike, will post photos of themselves as younger more fit men or if a more recent photo is used, they are wearing a hat and sunglasses/shades in a bid to conceal having gone bald or looking old.
Many post distance shots or shots of them in darkened rooms or spaces, outdoors at night perhaps to conceal how old they really are, whilst some post only head shots to hide obesity, such as pot bellies and muffin tops.

Women can be scammers of men on dating sites too!

Genuine women and scamming women alike will post just head shots to try and conceal a fuller figure, or photographs of them as younger women, out having fun with friends partying, looking their best, slimmer and fitter than they are now.
There are also women in countries like Oriental Asia, the Ukraine, Russia and the Philippines who are scamming men out of money, property, jewelery and just about anything else, in much the same way as men from Ghana, Nigeria, and other counties where poverty is rife will scam wealthy older women out of their life's savings.
These women will see men as a potential 'Sugar Daddy', tell you they love you and long to meet you, send you sexual photos, feed the ego of men with dialogue that will delight, but with only one agenda and it not being honorable, the scam perfected, sees men duped also and with ease by some sly female scammers.

People can be anyone they want to be behind a computer

Dating sites are awash with professional scammers, dangerous playgrounds where many come to significant harm.
Sadly people in this electronic age of communication can be anything and anyone they want to be, behind their computers, dating sites are easy targets for those in search of easy meat.

The day of reckoning comes and the truth often hurts

The problem arises when the person showering you with warm complimentary messages and discussing an imminent meeting with you in person, asks you "do you still look like you do in the photos you have posted on your profile"?
At this point, if you know you are no longer the slimmer, fitter younger person you were in your photos, you have one of two choices:
A woman might say that she does want to meet but hopes that when you meet her that you will still like her!
A woman might admit that she have put on a bit of weight since and is a bit older than the version of her in her photos, and don't quite look the same but isn't too bad for her age!
A male, may admit to having lost his hair and has gained some weight perhaps!
Either way there is risk of your proposed date asking you for a more recent photo or not wanting to meet you at all once they see sight of it!

Of course this begs the question, as to whether your proposed date is a scammer who would see your being eye candy as a bonus on top of the money they want to extract from you, and so they will meet you anyway, or if they are not a scammer, and they still want to meet you, if they are people who will do you some harm, or at best, not like you and damage you by telling you how repulsive you are to them and bolt in the opposite direction, leaving you standing there destroyed. Anything could happen and it won't be of a positive nature most of the time.

Dating sites are like cattle markets where people look for needles in the haystack!

Finding a genuine person on a dating website is pretty much looking for a needle in a haystack!
Just the act of someone asking you, if you still look the same as on your posted photos, is enough to make you lose your nerve and still meet them, especially when you might consider that in their asking such a question in the first place, is indicative of them wanting to be sure they are meeting the eye candy they are seeking, because they are vain and only want eye candy on their arms and nothing else will do, and lets face it the dating web sites are abundant with would be partners, and may as well be cattle markets, and plenty more where you came from, carry on fishing!

The nerve racking experience of a meet up with a stranger off a dating site

Many people prefer to meet people out and about, in a normal social setting, but when you can't look your best all of the time, your chances are reduced and dating web sites open you up to a bigger arena and more choice, but at the same time expose you to some scary dangers, as you don't know if your proposed date is all they are cracked up to be, it is scary and nerve racking to go ahead and take the chance to meet.
Not everyone is a nice genuine person, and many are single because they were not very kind or nice to a previous partner, some may be violent or have a criminal record.
Dating web sites are a nightmare at times. So many scammers, and ones who have fake profiles and fake photos on them, have left the genuine folks wary of who they are connecting with, posing the burning question, "are you for real"?

What are the attributes of dating site scammers?

Male and female scammers, are not the people their profiles purport to be, they post fake photos, usually photos of very handsome men or stunningly beautiful women, they never post their correct location, age or profession, they are dangerous people who are, lot of the time, of a criminal nature and potentially dangerous, violent or abusive.

Kaz during her research was hit on by a murderer!

Kaz as part of her research into dating site scammers, came across a very dangerous man/scammer who turned out to have escaped detection for murdering someone in Yorkshire, UK, he had framed another man for his crime and an innocent man remains incarcerated for this murder.
The scammer became very pushy and pressed for an imminent meet, it had to be a specific location and it had to be at a specific time, he wanted Kaz's address, her car registration plate, and to know if she had told anyone about him, or where the venue he had proposed they met. This rang alarm bells with Kaz who remote viewed him and did her own detective work on him........

Kaz's intuition and remote viewing paid off

Kaz's intuition and remote viewing, paid off, and the truth was discovered, the said man reported to the dating site and the police, but neither acted, as their stance was that until this man had harmed Kaz they could do nothing, crime prevention was not in their remit, whilst this man is allowed to remain active on the dating site, offering other vulnerable women, no protection from him whatsoever. This is to say the least, of grave concern.
Many media reports have been published since, about the same dating website, reports of women being murdered, abused, conned out of considerable sums of money, damaged emotionally and psychologically, yet nothing changes and dangerous men remain at large. Not very encouraging is it?!

The warning signs of a dating web site scammer

Dating site log on patterns of married men

Married men tend to log on to these dating websites to a distinctive pattern, usually not at weekends when no doubt, they are expected to indulge in activities with their wives or families, and they will make up excuses as to why they won't be logged on or able to meet you at weekends, saying things like, 'they have to have their children to a previous marriage staying with them for the weekend' or 'they play sports with their male friends at weekends', or they have to visit family or parents, or work, anything to conceal from you the truth of their being married.
They often contact you late at night telling you they had to work late when the truth is that they are telling their wives they have to finish off a particular piece of work they didn't get finished during the day, so they will have to stay up late and no sooner that their wives go to bed they are contacting you.
Some will contact you only on evenings they know their wives are going to social events with friends or to the gym for instance, and then if their wives come home earlier or unexpectedly, or they change their mind about going out, the married man will abruptly disappear off line or not come on line as promised, making some excuse that their connection dropped or they had to go out on a family emergency.

Pig Busters

These scammers are more often than not, very bad liars, they charm you with flattering rhetoric, which all sounds rather too good to be true and often they can be found on a web site exposing them called Pig Busters.

If you come across a scammer please post your report on Pig Busters so that others don't get duped the same way.
This website posts the many aliases of scammers, their photos, statements detailing their typical rhetoric.
It is very revealing and also very scary.

Beware of the scammers fake passport trick

Many scammers suspect that you might be savvy enough to be guarded as a result of media horror stories being published about particular dating websites, so they will send you a scan of what is often a fake passport, either stolen from someone or bought from a dodgy source.
They will send you a scanned copy of a fake passport via an on site message box, via Whatsapp, email or via Skype, they think that in doing this you will think they are genuine and feel compelled to do the same in return, sadly many vulnerable people will return the compliment and send the scammer a scan of their passport, which of course will be used by the scammer to scam others or for more sinister reasons, but soon after you send them a scan of your passport many disappear off the dating site, and you get no replies to your messages, on or off site.
No doubt they use your ID to join other sites and scam others on those.
Some scammers are only after copies of your passport or ID.
Others want money from you or to use your passport or ID to use for criminal means.
It is a minefield of deceit.

Are you being duped by a dangerous scammer on a dating web site?

Are you a member of a dating web site?
Have you been contacted by a member of the dating website whose behavior is odd, such as blowing hot and cold with you, appearing to be active on the dating site but not in dialogue with you, despite contacting you and showing an interest in dating you, or whose stories don't quite stack up? If so then the time to act is now in protecting yourself from harm.......

You might not be able to get the dating site to act on your suspicions that someone you are in dialogue with on the site, is not quite stacking up, but you can contact Kaz and have her check him/her out with her unrivaled and strong intuition and skills in psychic detection and remote viewing.

It is better that you find out now whether your proposed date stacks up or not, before more of your valuable time is wasted and you find yourself in danger from meeting up with a dangerous scammer, whose intentions many well be far from honorable. Better to be safe than to be sorry!

Contact Kaz before you arrange to meet them and before you become emotionally involved with them or fall in love with them. If they don't stack up, Kaz will tell you and you will avoid being hurt or robbed.

Words of advice

If you agree to meet anyone off a dating web site:
1. Always tell someone who you can trust and rely upon, where and when you are going, who you are meeting.
2. Show someone you know and can trust a photo of the person you are going out to meet, perhaps copying it off the dating website.
3. Always meet and remain in a public place where there are either lots of people around you.
4. Meet close to a police station if possible
5. Do not take any ID with you such as a driving license or a passport, just in case the person is a scammer who will possible attempt to steal these from you.
6. Do not agree to take your date to your home, car, or a hotel room, especially not on the first few dates, get to know the person well before you agree to meet in a more private location, or at your home, and do not agree to go on a road trip with them in their car, they could take you to a secluded place and harm you. You are a captive audience in a car!

The date rape drug

Some scammers use the date rape drug to spike your drink and get you to sleep with them, so make sure the drink you order is one which would not be easy to taint without you tasting that something is wrong with it.
Smell your drink before you drink it, and if your date is pushing you to drink lots then resist, they will be wanting to ensure you are so inebriated that you won't remember what happens to you, and they could take you anywhere once you are worse for wear from lots of drinks.You can come to significant harm once inebriated.
Stay sober and stay in control.
Drinking water is safer and if you suspect it is spiked you can distract your date and pour it into a vase of flowers. (You can do this with water but you can't do this with alcohol!)
Better to be safe than sorry.
Make your own way home and don't disclose your address until you are sure you are with a safe and trustworthy partner.

Carry a loud and high pitched personal alarm

It might be wise to take a personal alarm with you, these are inexpensive and fit into your pocket or purse, emitting a loud siren once set off, something which could alert others as to your being in danger and come to your aid should your date turn out to be an unsavory character.

Comfortable flat shoes are easier to make a hasty escape from if need be

Wearing flat and comfortable shoes that are easy to run in, is also wise. You can't run far in high heels ladies!

Learn martial arts before risking meeting strangers from dating sites

Learning a martial art is also a good idea, in advance of looking for a date on a dating website.
Most people never envisage the potential dangers of meeting people off dating web sites, and refuse to succumb to advice about being cautious, so as not to spoil the potential fun date, but in reality there can and should not be room for foolish complacency.

Have you been hurt and damaged by a dating site scammer and feel too scared to try on line dating again?

Coming across a dating scammer can have profound effects on you both emotionally and psychologically, and in some instances physically too, meeting a scammer can put you at risk of encountering physical harm, some are violent.

No trust = no love = no relationship worthwhile having

It is hard to be able to trust again once someone has breached your trust, betrayed you or scammed you, and this is of grave concern because where there is no trust, there can be no love and no relationship on any level, worthwhile having. So it is unwise to enter into a relationship or move on from one where your trust was breached, if you do not feel able to trust again. Kaz can and will help you with this.

Dating site phobia and social phobia

The complexity of emotions and damage caused by dating site scammers is far more serious than many realize, it can lead to you developing phobia's and even paranoia. Negative feelings stemming from negative experiences on dating sites, can spiral out of all control, and see you suffering with stress and depression, this is also a downward spiral.

Even among the more thick skinned of us, we do still suffer, often long term effects from negative experiences such as falling prey to dating site scammers.

Kaz can do a lot to help you

Kaz using unique and bespoke 100% non-esoteric specialist services, can not only protect you in advance from being scammed or hurt by joining websites, but she can also help mend the damage done by being hurt or scammed on dating websites too!

The vulnerable person's brainwaves can play a part to!

Vulnerable people give off a brainwave frequency which is picked up on very quickly by scammers, even if you never meet them or they are in another country.
We are all telepathically connected, but apart from that, just the way your profile is worded, can give you away as vulnerable and in need of love and affection, no matter how much you try to sound 'together' and 'not needy or vulnerable', self confident, high self-esteem, etc.
Your photo can give this away too, even if you are smiling and happy in your photo.
Kaz has a special 'cloaking module' which can block you transmitting as 'vulnerable and needy' and she can also tell you if you are in a planetary phase (in your natal charts transits) which will see you projecting as vulnerable or make you an easy target for a particular period of time ahead, if this is so, Kaz has specialist modules which can correct this so that you can avoid harm.
Kaz can tell you during a consultation with her, if you are transmitting as vulnerable or needy, and if you prefer not to have modules of work done to correct this, Kaz will help advise you on how you can work around this where possible.
Why take risks when the risks are high of being scammed or hurt?

Kaz will even help you word your profile and pick the right photos of you to post on your dating site profile!

Kaz cares, because you matter.

Mission critical - check out the Synastry before you meet up with anyone!

Always check out the Astrological Synastry - love compatibility of your date before you agree to meet or before you fall in love, it will safeguard you against getting hurt, having your time wasted or coming to harm

If you can gain the following birth data from someone you have connected with via a dating website Kaz will be able to give you extensive information about the person you have met and whether it will work for you or not, if you will marry this person, how compatible you are etc:

(1) Full name (forename and surname)(ie. George Clooney).
(2) Date of birth (ie. 6th June 1976)
(3) Time of birth and please state Am or Pm) (if known) (ie. 11.30 pm, 2.15 am etc)
(4) Place of birth (to the nearest major town or city and also the country of birth) (ie. London, England, York England etc.

The time and place of birth are what determines what your ascendant or rising sign is, this is very important in all astrological calculations as you will read further down this page.

What if time of birth is not known?

If you don't know your true time of birth you can find this out by doing what is known as a birth time rectification and you can do this for free, on line by going to:

"The birth time rectification app"

Just a few hours out with the time of birth for Synastry (astrological love compatibility charts) can mean the difference between good compatibility and no compatibility, astrology is a specific science and the accuracy of birth data really is, mission critical!

Accuracy is of paramount importance, because your life and future depend upon it.
Kaz is a perfectionist and likes to ensure you receive the best possible help, advice, support and excellent value for your money.
If something is worth doing then it is worth doing properly or not at all, as far as Kaz is concerned (but of course Kaz is a Virgo!).

Assuming that you are not in touch with a liar or scammer who has been untruthful about their birth data, then Kaz can draw up a detailed synastrical report (Love compatibility chart) for you with the proposed partner.
From analyzing this, Kaz will be able to tell you if your proposed partner is honest, or a cheat and a liar, dangerous or a safe bet and whether this person is your true and genuine soul mate and one you were destined to marry, or whether you are with just a "Red Herring"/fake soul mate.
Forewarned is forearmed.

Have you read Kaz's page on Astrological Love Compatibility (Synastry)? To read it go here.

If you are karmically meant to be, Kaz can tell you this too! Have you read Kaz's page on 'Karmic Astrology? To read it go here.


Kaz does not have to speak to your partner in order to help you, so don't worry if your partner isn't receptive to speaking to someone like Kaz.
Kaz is trained to pick up on your partner via your voice vibrations over the telephone and with uncanny accuracy too!

Specialist modalities which are part of Kaz's problem solving modules of work such as the 'Cloaking module':

Remote influencing
Remote viewing
Emotional balancing
Remote Abreactions
Mind scripting
Soul rescue
Brain entrainment, Brainwave Frequency Therapy & Brain hemisphere synchronization
Karmic and synastrical astrology
Mind mapping
Life path alignment
Soul alignment
Psychic detection
Life coaching
Spiritual balancing
Love Coaching

Kaz works remotely on your behalf so you don't even have to travel to see Kaz Psychic in person to enjoy the amazing benefits of her expertise.

Kaz believes that unless you remove the root cause of a problem then you can never succeed in resolving it, certainly not in the long term.

Kaz solves problems from the root

Leaving the root cause of a problem is place is as good as building a house on quick sand, eventually it will sink because the quick sand undermines the stability of the house itself.
So as part of Kaz's specialist work on your behalf, Kaz, always removes the root cause of the problem including neural triggers which will likely be in place to form the root cause, whether they stem from a past life, or early wounding in this lifetime/ incarnation. You can be sure therefore, of a lasting and permanent result.

Kaz's work is not of an esoteric nature

Kaz's work is not of an esoteric nature so you are safe from any negative karmic consequences and no one will be forced into doing anything that is against their own free will as is so with spells, hexes and curses. Kaz's work is of a scientific nature.

Kaz's work is not some temporary quick fix - it yields permanent and lasting results

The work that Kaz Psychic does for you is not merely a temporary quick fix.
Kaz Psychic is a true light worker working to a very high standard of personal and professional ethics.
All of Kaz's work, be it by way of telephone consultations or problem solving, is completely confidential, so your privacy is assured at all times, so all that you discuss with Kaz, stays between you and Kaz!

Kaz also offers love and relationship mentoring over the telephone and this can help you on a day to day practical level, like advising you how to handle any given situation or crisis, and how best to react to any discord and verbal conflicts you may find yourself engaged in, etc.

To read more about this additional/optional bespoke service, go here.

The cost of Kaz's help is bespoke to your own personal budget

Love problem solving work is bespoke to you personally
Kaz likes to ensure that her work is available to everyone, regardless of financial standing, so her work is bespoke to your own personal budget and needs, so you will never be asked to pay more than you are able to afford and every possible effort will be made to ensure that your desired outcome is achieved.
Kaz believes in fairness and a high standard of ethics.
The success rate with all of Kaz Psychic's amazing services is very high but this is because Kaz is determined to get a positive result for everyone and works tirelessly until one is obtained for you.
Kaz believes that everything IS possible, and that NOTHING is impossible.

Free powerful bespoke brain entrainment subliminal audio's with all modules of specialist work from Kaz Psychic!

The gift of high power Brain Entrainment Subliminal Audio's come free with the work you commission Kaz to do and this includes the 'Cloaking module' and these include the amazing IMALA Level 5,000 Universal Healing Audio which cost over £5,000 to make. This powerful audio will fix you and your partner on what is known as the soul mate brainwave frequency - the Solfregio frequency (639Hz, and help to bond you together for all eternity and beyond.

Go here for more information on this amazing audio. This is in addition to more bespoke audio's specifically designed to help restore, create or maintain emotional balance between you and your loved one. you will also receive 4 free Kepler Astrology charts of your choice from the list on our 'free gifts page' go here to read the list.

Optional 'Dating web site consultations' and 'Relationship Mentoring & Coaching' Consultations

These cost the same as a psychic reading , life solutions consultation or any other consultation offered by Kaz Psychic:
(£20.00 GBP for 20 minutes + £1.00 per minute for each additional minute).
'Dating web site consultations','Relationship Mentoring and Coaching' Consultations offer specialist expert guidance and support on how to handle conflict and discord, disagreements, how to diffuse arguments or rows before they spiral out of all control, using very special techniques devised by Kaz herself.
The results and benefits of these consultations are phenomenal and often vital to the success of the work Kaz will do for you remotely, whilst you get on with living!
Why battle to resolve problems and conflicts when Kaz can do all of this for you, remotely?
Take the easy way forward, call Kaz today for expert help, guidance and support.

Kaz Psychic can be your dating web site or dating resolution confidante as well as your personal counselor and supporter, calling upon the life long wisdom of Kaz Psychic herself and her 45 years of expertise (up to and including 2020).

AS free gift just for you from Kaz Psychic!

A free gift just for you!

You will receive a valuable free gift with each and every psychic reading or commission of specialist services, including relationship mentoring and coaching, which you commission Kaz to undertake.

Go here to read about the valuable free gifts on offer.

Your free gift can be a free' Astrological Compatibility (Synastry) chart' on you and a chosen loved one, and it will be emailed to you immediately after your psychic reading with Kaz too!

Time Scale

Love problem solving work can be done to any strength you wish, this can be decided by the level of conflict/discord which your relationship is or has been enduring.

100 levels of intensity

There are 100 levels of power/intensity to Kaz's specialist love problem solving work.
Level 1 spans 1 full week is at level 1 intensity
Level 2 spans 2 weeks and is at level 2 intensity
Level 3 spans 3 weeks and is at level 3 intensity
Level 4 spans 4 weeks and is at level 4 intensity
And so on up to level 100.

The work spans 24/7 throughout the commissioned duration.
It is a question of what is affordable to you and what is within your own personal budget and choice.
The choice is entirely your own.
Of course, the higher the level of the work, the more intense the power.
The difference in intensity is down to the fact that work done over a longer period and it is more multi-layered, reinforced and more powerful in protecting the relationship against further challenges which life may throw in its path.

Kaz always has time for you, because you matter greatly and you are greatly valued.
The work can span one week right up to 100 weeks, depending on what you personally require and which you, dictate.


The cost of the love problem solving work with Kaz depends upon the level and intensity you decide to commission Kaz to undertake.

More complex problems will take longer to resolve, the work will need to be at a greater intensity. Naturally this will be reflected in the cost, there is no generic price structure with regard to the work itself, because 'one size doesn't fit all', the cost will vary from one person to another. You are under absolutely no obligation to book any work.

Kaz cares because you matter.
Call Kaz for a non-obligatory quote today, you will be so glad you did!


Kaz Psychic works purely on a first come, first served basis, love problem solving work is in high demand, but the work is not set rigidly to any specific or diaried time slots.

The service is a purely one on one service, and it is offered as a 'remote service' over the telephone and by email (for the purpose of sending you download links to audio files and e-books etc). So you get to enjoy the amazing benefits of Kaz's specialist services from the comfort of your own home. No traveling and no travel costs either!

The work can start the same day/evening you phone Kaz Psychic to commission any work.

Call Kaz for love problem solving

& Psychic readings over the phone:

Credit/debit card Psychic readings £20.00 (GBP)

- 20 minutes + £1.00 (GBP) each additional minute

Love problem solving bespoke to your own personal needs & budget.

Kaz cares because you matter

Pay over the phone using your credit/debit card

(Sorry Kaz does not offer psychic readings on your phone bill).

All major credit/debit card accepted.

Open 7 days per week: 12.00 pm - 12.00 am (GMT)

No appointment necessary - first come first served!

Telephone Kaz Psychic for the psychic 01704 822 919 | +44 1704 822 919

Kaz Psychic accepts all major credit or debit cards with which you can pay over the phone for your consultation or to order specialist non-esoteric work to resolve your love and relationship problems

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Telephone Kaz Psychic for the psychic 01704 822 919 | +44 1704 822 919

Call Kaz for love problem solving

& Psychic readings over the phone:

Credit/debit card Psychic readings £20.00 (GBP)

- 20 minutes + £1.00 (GBP) each additional minute

Love problem solving bespoke to your own personal needs & budget.

Kaz cares because you matter

Pay over the phone using your credit/debit card

(Sorry Kaz does not offer psychic readings on your phone bill)

All major credit/debit card accepted.

Open 7 days per week: 12.00 pm - 12.00 am (GMT)

No appointment necessary - first come first served!