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Often what we desire appears to be out of our reach, but Cosmic Ordering performed correctly can go a long way toward manifesting your innermost dreams, wishes and desires....


The Right Way to Cosmic Order 860 x 572-min


The right way to Cosmic Order


The right way to Cosmic Order

There is always a right way and a wrong way to do anything and everything, suffice to say that as with everything else, there is a right way and a wrong way to use the amazing powers of Cosmic Ordering.


Life changing experience

Using the Cosmic ordering service correctly can be a life changing experience, leading to the successful manifestation of your dreams, desires and wishes, often beyond belief and in the most uncanny and curious ways, as I can assure you was the case for me. And having experienced truly life changing results using Cosmic Ordering I want to share my success in this respect with you.



Noel Edmonds - a huge fan of Comsic Ordering whose fame and notoriety as a TV star put Comsic Ordering on the map!

Noel Edmonds


Noel Edmonds

Noel Edmonds who endorses the amazing powers of Cosmic Ordering


Cosmic Ordering was something few people knew anything about until English broadcaster Noel Edmonds tried it on the advice of his Reflexologist when he had not worked since the end of his time on BBC Television's show "Noel's House Party" in 1999.


Noel wanted a new and exciting challenge in his career, which had seemingly died at that point in time.


Noel successfully manifested his dreams using the Cosmic Ordering Service and his interest in Spiritualism grew with this success.


Deal or no deal

Noel, as a result of using the Cosmic Ordering service manifested the chance to work again and landed the role as host of a TV show called "Deal or No Deal", which re-launched him.


Barbel Mohr

The best version of the Cosmic Ordering Service I have ever come across is the one written by Barbel Mohr.


Cosmic Ordering Service Barbel Mohr the best book on Comsic Ordering

The Cosmic Ordering Service Barbel Mohr


This 101 page book took me an evening to read, I remember finding it difficult to put the book down, it was a very compelling read! It was a Saturday night, and I was enduring a pretty difficult phase in my life, and one I sought to escape with some speed!


I had been intrigued by having read about Noel Edmonds' success in using the Cosmic Ordering Service to manifest what he wanted in life, so I thought I would try it for myself.


Typically, I felt that I needed to take on board its principals but adjust the methodology in using it for myself, something I always seem to do with just about anything I embark on using. Doing this has made me a more creative and innovative, and these are key elements required for greater success in all areas of your life. Thinking outside the box is good!


Having finished reading this wonderful little book, I set to wondering what I might try to use the Cosmic Ordering Service to manifest for myself first! I wanted so many things back then and needed so many changes in my life.


Out of control children

The following day it was a typical Sunday, with the children next door making a nuisance of themselves on the lawn outside, and not only on the lawn outside their own house but on my lawn as well, they had woken me up by hitting a cricket ball at my front living room windows, and were trampling disrespectfully all over my flower beds, and with no parental control, they persisted.


Broken fence

Prior to this I had received a letter from my landlord to say that these same neighbours, wanted to take down the fence between our back garden and theirs, it got broken as a result of their children having climbed on it and broken the slats of wood. It badly needed repairing. But, perish the thought that this would happen as it would give these out of control children a chance to wreck my garden furniture in the back garden as well as my pots of plants and flowers around the patio area. My stress level was sky high!


The sun was beating down on this particular Sunday and my fear was that the neighbours would commence work on the fence.


The man of the house was to be seen examining the fence and shaking it, and it looked to be the dreaded day when he would pull it down to repair it.


Then with the fear of this in mind, I remembered that I had read the Cosmic Ordering Service the night before, and started to wonder if I could use this to stop the neighbour from repairing the fence!

I heard this almighty bang, no sooner I had remembered reading the Cosmic Ordering Service and so I ran from the back of my house to the front and I saw through the window, that the children from next door had hit my windows again with another heavy cricket ball, it was just about the last straw. I was worried about the windows getting smashed.


I then felt I was being watched from behind, and turned around to see our late cat Smudge sitting majestically in the hall, sporting her usual cheeky Smudgie expression of somewhat bemusement!


Chilean Rain Sticks

As I turned to face Smudge I noticed my 'Chilean Rain Sticks' on the window sill, and then a brilliant idea came to mind!


Chilean Rain Stick for making it rain!

Chilean Rain Stick


Chilean Rain Sticks when tipped make the sound of rain, and the legend goes, that by tipping them you can make it rain! I liked them but only previously as an ornament!


Make it rain!

I thought that if it started raining they couldn't fix the fence and then the children from next door would have to play indoors!


So I took hold of one of my two Chilean Rain Sticks and out loud I asked the Cosmic Ordering Service:


"Dear Universe, please can you make it rain within the next hour, thank you"!


Did it rain?

Bearing in mind that until I asked this of the Cosmic Ordering Service, the sun was beating down without a cloud in sight, and no sign of rain. I tipped the rain stick and then placed it back on the window sill. I must make a point of saying here, that never in the history of my tipping my rain sticks have they ever made it rain, neither prior to that Sunday or since!


Avoid dwelling on what you ask of the Cosmic Ordering Service

I knew that once you had asked the Cosmic Ordering Service for something that you had to forget what you had asked, and not dwell on it, so I had to keep my mind off worrying about the nuisance neighbours, so I decided to spring clean my home, staying away from the windows and just focusing my mind on what I was doing.


The rain came!

Les than an hour later, I heard tapping on the windows, and when I looked round to face the window behind me, it was pouring down with rain, and the tapping noise I heard was heavy rain drops and a little hail hitting my windows! I went to shut the window, which had been open, and as I did, I heard the man of the house next door, shout to his wife from the rear garden to say "That scuppers that, I can't fix the fence now, it is raining, it will have to wait until another day"!


I must confess to being delighted over this, but I do feel some pangs of guilt, should this be down to my use of the Cosmic Ordering Service which worked for me that day!


I was encouraged by this and the following Wednesday I decided to ask the Cosmic Ordering Service for rain that following weekend, just to see if the Cosmic Ordering Service could work twice.


The 'universe' doesn't like doubters

I guess I was naughty and trying to test it, which, normally is not the done thing, with anything like this! The Universe doesn't like doubters!


Sure enough though, it rained all through the following weekend. The fence was not getting fixed again! Whoops!


On the following Thursday, I received another letter off my landlord, he was flying into the UK, from Spain to come and see myself and our neighbour about fixing the fence. Receiving his letter filled me with stress and dread.


I again asked the Cosmic Ordering Service for help, this time asking:


"Dear Universe, please can you make it so that my landlord blocks the taking down of the fence between my neighbours and I, and that another way of stopping the fence from leaning and needing repair be found, by Sunday this week, thank you"!


The landlord came to see me about the fence on the Friday, I told him about the children from next door trampling all over the flower beds and hitting cricket balls at the windows, and how I feared they would wreck the garden at the back of the house, should the fence have to come down. The landlord at first, insisted that the fence needed repairing, and off he went to consult the neighbours about fixing the fence. The neighbours were friends of my landlord, and it was anyone's guess as to which way the fence issue would pan out.


An hour later, my landlord called again, bringing the man from next door, nervously I answered the door, not feeling up to any confrontation or hassle.


To my total surprise the landlord had asked my neighbour to come round with him to apologise to me for the nuisance I had experienced from his children, and asked it it would be agreeable to me if they placed some wooden supports on our side of the fence to prop the fence up and reinforce it, where it was broken, to save pulling the fence down to repair! Naturally I agreed and within an hour they had gone and that was the end of the fence problem!


What a total relief!


Hat trick!

Effectively the Cosmic Ordering Service had scored a hat trick in so much as it delivered on three consecutive occasions!


Of course, I don't really know if the outcome would have been the same, had I not used the Cosmic Ordering Service, but it would be nice to think the Cosmic Ordering Service had some hand in it! The way it was eventually resolved was to say the least, somewhat uncanny after all!



Sadly, some months later, the neighbours living the other side of me, took to binging on alcohol and they partied all night, every night, in their garden, throwing empty beer bottles into a recycling box at the side of their house, in uncomfortably close proximity to my conservatory in which I worked from, at home, or should I say, tried to work from home; amid the bedlam of their nightly noise and bedlam.


Several clients phoning for health consultations, (I am a qualified medical herbalist and professional stress consultant also) asked if I was working from a public house, given the sound of glass crashing in the background, I was not at all happy, given that these boozing neighbours, showed little respect for my trying to work from home, when they were tossing beer bottles into the recycling bin and making an almighty clatter, like smashing glass.


Ideal home

I had always wanted my own home, and I had in mind the exact vision of what my ideal or dream home might be, but the chances of ever owning a home on my income back then was zero, I could barely pay my rent!


I often drove around the neighbouring country roads looking at all of the lovely small holdings, houses with pretty English country gardens in rural areas, neighbours a safe distance away but not so distant that one would feel in complete isolation and perhaps vulnerable, in a crisis.


Craving peace and quiet

I craved for peace, and quiet. Something that seemed to be a dream and far from any likely reality that was prevalent at that point in time. Or was it? ......


I then thought about asking the Cosmic Ordering Service to make it happen for me to get my dream home, just to see if it would work for something as big a wish as that! Well, you have to try these things don't you! No harm in trying, what have you got to lose?!


Cosmic Order my dream home

So, with the vision of my dream home in mind I asked the Cosmic Ordering Service:


"Dear Universe, please can you make it happen for me to find the means to buy the dream home which I have in my mind' eye, and within a year from now, thank you"!



My dream home or vision of a dream home, was a nice modern house on a main road through a country village, with a garden front and back, the back garden not overlooked by any neighbours, giving me more privacy, off the road car parking space, an integral garage, decent sized bedrooms, a nicely designed home, spacious, nicely decorated and in no need of re-decorating, Georgian style windows, nice bathrooms, a nicely fitted out Kitchen with decent cooker and if possible an adjacent utility room, and more than anything, I wanted some nice amenable neighbours who had some respect. Preferably a house not too far from the sea so that I could have a mixture of sea air and country air, and finally a house I could first of all rent with a view to buying, so that I could see what the neighbours were like before I bought it and then the ability to buy the house for a good for an affordable price with no problems getting a mortgage! A lot to ask really or was it? ....................


Too good to be true?

Sounds too good to be true doesn't it?


Did such a place even exist?!


Was this too much to ask?


Within 2 months of asking for this dream home, I was devastated to receive a notice to quit from my landlord, he was coming back from Spain to live in my home, and I had just two months to get out.


No money

I had no money for even a deposit on a rental home, let alone a mortgage on a house to buy.


My crisis of faith almost kicked in for a moment, it was a struggle to stay positive and strong.


Karmic test

This was like some sort of divine or karmic testing period in my life.


I spent days and days driving around searching for a new home, and 6 weeks passed, with only 2 weeks still to go, and then one evening I took the wrong turning down a country road, and I found myself driving for miles until I came to this small village in the country, and there before my eyes, was my dream home right in front of me!


Found my dream home

It had all of the attributes I wanted in a dream home, and so precisely too!


My wishes by comparison to those of others may be seen as somewhat modest, but to me it was all I ever dreamed of.


I tried to phone the agents who had a 'For Sale or Let' board, up in the garden of this house, advertising the house as being for rent or sale. I got no reply several times, so I drove a fair distance to their offices and they didn't seem to want to show me the home or let it to me either, it turned out that one of the staff was thinking of renting it and they had been putting other interested parties off who were interested, me inclusive.


So I drove back to the house and I rang the neighbours doorbell, I asked the man who answered the door, if he knew who owned the house next door. He kindly told me, and gave me the phone number of the owner, from whom he had bought his house, a year earlier. Little did I know this man was a famous Rugby player, not being a follower of Rugby!


Borrowed money

I made contact with the owner who agreed to rent the property to me, but he wanted 6 months rent up front, because my income was so low, but I was lucky enough to be able to borrow the 6 months up front rent from a friend who had just given me a job.


11th hour

Within two weeks I had moved to my dream home. I was astonished at how it had all happened and so quickly too, not to mention the 11th hour!


I have always found that something has saved me at the 11th hour as long as I have remained totally positive and strong, and retained my faith in the prospect of a favourable outcome.


Paradise on earth!

A month after moving in to my dream home, which was paradise on earth with nice quiet neighbours, and in a better area, my landlord called to ask if I liked the house! That was a first for me! Few previous landlords have even cared whether I had liked my home let alone made a point to calling to ask me this!


House up for sale

Of course, I told my landlord that I was blissfully happy in the house, and would be loathed to have to leave should he succeed in selling it and the 'For Sale' board was still up in my front garden, and my tenancy was for only a 6 month term.


My landlord then asked me ....


"So how would you like to buy this house off me?!"


Naturally with avid interest, I replied....


"I would love to but there is no way I would get a mortgage the way my finances are"!


My landlord then said ....


"Do you want to bet"?!


I replied....


"What do you mean"?!


My landlord, asked if I would be interested in a deal on the house, as he wanted to give me first refusal as the current resident, but stressed that a man who was a Rugby player for the same team as the man next door, who had given me his contact details in the first place, had asked if he could buy it.


My heart sank. I could not bear to have found my dream home only to have to vacate it and move to a place I might not like nearly as much, if at all.



I agreed to a meeting with my landlord who would bring round a proposal for buying my home from him.


My new employer sat in on the meeting he is a property owner far more familiar with financial dealings concerning the buying of property than myself.


Too good to be true deal

The deal was deemed to be one I should not turn down. It also seemed too good to be true!


The deal being that my landlord would reduce the price of the house from £300,000 to £249,950, for a quick sale, he would give me my 6 months rent back (6 x £800 = £4,800) and then give me £10,000 toward the deposit and pay my stamp duty and the legal fee's, if I agreed to buy the house and start the ball rolling within a month! He had a friend who arranged mortgages for people who were or had financial problems or a low income, and would I agree to having this man come round to help me to buy the house from him?!


Was I dreaming?!

I had to ask my landlord to repeat himself, it was like a dream, I was pinching myself whilst wondering if I was imagining all of this!


The house had been built two years before I moved in, I was the first person to live in the house, as it had stood empty. Those who had viewed the house didn't like it as the back garden was shaded due to the height of the house, and not ideal for sunbathing or a family, although it was a four bed roomed house. But I was just happy to have nice neighbours and with working long hours I seldom had chance to sit out in the garden anyway! So I shook hands on the deal and around came the mortgage broker courtesy of my former landlord!


Mortgage rules changed

At the 11th hour, just as we were about to exchange contracts the mortgage and lending rules changed in the United Kingdom, to suddenly disallow self certification, sub prime mortgages, like the one I was trying to get, and the company offering the mortgage tried to retract their offer, my mortgage broker threatened them that if they did this, he would stop putting business their way, and since he was from a large company who was sending a lot of business their way, they were forced to re-think.


It took a further month of meetings before the company offering me the mortgage buckled and honoured the offer, but it was touch and go and a very tense time indeed.


Cosmic Ordering made a miracle happen

The Cosmic Ordering Service pulled off another miracle and I not only became a home owner against all odds but I made a profit of something like £85,000 the day we exchanged contracts given the generous discount I was given my my former landlord! How uncanny is that?!


So, how and why does the Cosmic Ordering Service work?

In a nut shell Cosmic Ordering is about asking for the universe for what you desire, but it isn't as simple as it sounds!


Laws of attraction

The Cosmic Ordering Service is about working with the 'Laws of Attraction', and having that all essential positive mental attitude, without which it is a car without fuel, and it simply will not work!


You also need to have faith, and unfaltering faith too, and that is the hardest part of obtaining success in manifesting what you desire using the Cosmic Ordering Service.


No faith no results!

The thing to remember though, about Cosmic Ordering,is that unless you have faith in its ability to deliver, you will not see any positive results. Faith is the fuel.


Still sound easy to you? Don't bet on it!


you also have to avoid dwelling on what you ask of the Cosmic Ordering Service, and that isn't easy either, especially when you are asking for a way out of a life crisis as I was when I asked for my dream home, because I was being driven mad by inconsiderate neighbours, whose abuse and noise, had begun to affect my income, as I was struggling to work in the bedlam and noise they created around me.


Oh ye of little faith

I realised that I must now be another example of the concept of "Oh ye of little faith"!


It really was the hardest thing I ever had to do, to rise above the perpetual challenges I was faced with back then and to really believe and have unfaltering faith in the Cosmic Ordering Service to grant my wish, whilst retaining a totally positive mental attitude, at the same time, when it seemed so unlikely that what I has asked for was perhaps nothing more than a pipe dream, that may never materialize into any form of reality.


No negative words

But that's not all, you cannot use any negative words when asking the Cosmic Ordering Service for what you desire! Words like no, not, won't don't, can't, mustn't, etc. And this is also hard, because they are words we use so readily and so often. So you have to think hard on how you can phrase your requests without using these negative words!


Golden rule

And the other Golden rule to add here is that you must always thank the Cosmic Ordering Service at the end of your request and also when it delivers what you ask for. Gratitude pays handsomely and it is nice to have a good moral code.


Money and life

One thing to remember, here is that when asking for money you must be sure to ask for this but not at the expense of someone's life.


I know someone who asked for money and 3 months later their father died leaving them a legacy of money, they would have preferred to have had no money and still had their father alive still!


Be specific

you also need to be specific too, by way of the exact amount of money you want, the use of specific amounts that are not a penny more or less than you actually need, is vital to the success of your request being granted.



Timing is also a key component, too, so when asking the Cosmic Ordering Service for something give an end date for delivery, as I did (as stated above) otherwise you may be waiting a long time for what you want!


Be realistic

Also be realistic, and don't expect things to be delivered in a matter of seconds or instantly it is less likely to be granted or to come about!


Summing up

So to sum up, the key points of successful Cosmic Ordering are:


(1) Have an unfaltering positive mental attitude toward what you are requesting and its ability to manifest into a reality
(2) Have unfaltering faith in the Cosmic Ordering Service
(3) Do not dwell on what you ask of the Cosmic Ordering Service.
(4) Avoid at all costs, using any negative words when asking the Cosmic Ordering Service for what you want.
(5) Always thank the Cosmic Ordering Service for what you ask of it and again when it delivers what you ask for.
(6) Be very specific in what you are requesting, like the exact amount of money, if asking for money and not a penny more or less than you actually need. the Universe dislikes greed!
(7) Be specific about the timing, giving an end date for delivery, or you will have a long wait for delivery of what you want! Be sure to be realistic too!


Phrasing requests in Cosmic Ordering:

Here are two examples:


(1) Money:

Suppose you need money, or you know that you are in need of money by some date in the future, like for a mortgage payment, or a due bill which must be paid, and you do not think you will have raised the amount needed by the due date, perhaps 2 weeks hence. And lets say that you need precisely £250.50 to meet a mortgage payment. These are the suggestions for asking the Cosmic Ordering Service for money:


"Dear Universe please can you make it possible for me to come by £250.50 by (state the exact date the money is due to be paid), and in such a way that the lives of others are safe from harm in the process of facilitating this money coming to me, thank you".


Love or soul mate

(2) Bringing in your true soul mate:


"Dear Universe, please can you bring into my life, my true soul mate, who will be someone who will be loving, loyal, trustworthy, caring and astrologically compatible with me, and who will love me for who I am just as I will love (him/her) in return, and please bring my soul mate in by (give a date that is realistic, like "by the end of this year") thank you".


The more specific you are, and the greater the vision of what you want in your mind, the better.


Some books on Cosmic Ordering instruct yo to write down your request, to the Cosmic Ordering Service, but my feeling is that in doing this, you may find yourself tempted to dwell on it, even if you place the request in a box some place, and especially of the box is in a location where you will frequently come across it! But each to their own, you must do what works best of all for you personally.


I hope my article will be of some help to you in manifesting what you desire.


If you are unable to make anything happen or you don't think you have the ability to follow the 7 key points stated above, with regard to Cosmic Ordering, then call me for a 'Life Solutions Consultation' and I will help you, and I can always perform some remote influencing for you to bring about what you desire, or do your Cosmic Ordering for you!


Otherwise I wish you the very best of luck with your Cosmic Ordering and I hope you succeed in manifesting all of what you desire and in the nicest possible way.


Please let me know how you get on with your Cosmic Ordering!


Bright Positive Blessings,


Kaz XX

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A free gift just for you!

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Rectification to discover true birth time

If you do not know your true time of birth Kaz can use astrological rectification to find this out, and to do this she will need information (applicable to events which have happened since you were born - and not prior it) such as:


The month and year of a previous marriage you may have had

The month and year of any divorce you may have had

The month and year of your Mother's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Father's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Grandmother's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Grandfather's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Brother's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your Sister's death (if deceased)

The month and year of a previous Husband or Wife's death (if deceased)

The month and year of your child's death (if deceased)

The month and year of an abortion you may have had

The month and year of any term of imprisonment you may have had

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The month and year of any trauma or surgery you may have had

The month and year of any serious illness you may have had


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