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Kaz is an Internationally known professional natural born, psychic . astrologer, advance level post graduate certificated remote viewer, life coach, relationship specialist, brain entrainment consultant, professional stress consultant & herbalist with over 40 years of unrivaled expertise.

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Nine for Danger - The number of strife.

Karmic Astrology - What is meant to be by design!

Parallel Universe - Fact or fiction?


Why Kaz?

Kaz is the caring voice of wisdom and expertise. The question is....

"Do you want a fairy story or the truth" when it comes to a psychic reading?!

Kaz tells it like it really is! So if it is the honest truth and unrivaled honesty, and down-to-earth integrity you are looking for then you have come to the right place!

You will receive a valuable FREE gift with every psychic reading or commission of specialist services which you commission Kaz to undertake.

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