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£25.00 (GBP) - 20 minutes

Opening hours: 12.00 pm - 12.00 am GMT - 7 days per week

Kaz Psychic is the Caring Voice of Wisdom and Expertise

Love relationship specialist clairvoyant psychic, remote viewer, remote influencer, Astrological love compatibility (Synastry) expert, soul mate, twin flame love problem solver

Kaz Psychic is the right person to call if you want an uncannily accurate clairvoyant psychic reading on love relationships- no fairy stories - just the truth, or you have a love relationship problem, such as a cheating partner, elusive soul mate or twin flame, or you are wanting a reunion with an estranged loved one, a love triangle resolving in your favour. No love problem is too complex or challenging for Kaz Psychic to resolve. *Please note that if you tried to telephone Kaz Psychic from a withheld telephone number you would not have gotten through but the block on withheld numbers has now been taken off, it was put on in error by Kaz Psychic's telephone provider!, Profuse apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Kaz Psychic has over 43 years (up to & including 2018) of expertise & success in resolving love relationship problems. Kaz Psychic uses an extensive range of non-esoteric modalities & specalist love problem solving services such as remote influencing, remote viewing, remote abreactions, mind scripting, brain entrainment & emotional balancing, to resolve your love problems at the root and without going against karma or anyone's free will and with extensive expertise in astrological love compatibility (Synastry), Kaz Psychic can tell you whether your partner is your true soul mate or just Red Herring or imposter! Kaz Psychic is a natural clairvoyant psychic whose intuition is naturally inherent so that no Tarot Cards are ever used. With a highly developed 6th and 7th sense Kaz Psychic is phenomenally accurate & can give times and dates as well as detailed descriptions of people & locations. Kaz Psychic has read for Royal and titled people the world over and tells it like it really is.

To read Kaz Psychic's client testimonials go here.

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"Kaz’s website popped out at me on a Google search. I read some of the testimonials on her page, and almost on a whim I decided to call the number given. I was amazed when Kaz answered after about three rings. As expressed in so many of the testimonials, I found her to be warm and genuinely caring. She tuned in very quickly to a significant change that is taking place in my life and offered lots of practical help. What I found particularly attractive was the follow up email with all the relevant links and the free gifts. The Merlin and Cosmo charts are the most accurate I have ever read. I was amazed. Fantastic value for money. Kaz is clearly passionate about her work and treats it much more as a vocation than just a way of earning a living"

Rita Baker, Shropshire January 2018

Kaz psychic does not operate an automated telephone line, so when you call Kaz you get a real person answering the phone and no annoying call options or speaking to a robot! Kaz prides herself on providing a truly personal service to the highest professional standard which is non-judgemental, friendly and warm, Kaz cares because you matter. Welcome to Kaz's happy worldwide family Kaz's clients are regarded as friends and that is what you will have in Kaz - a friend who cares about you.

Remote Viewing & Remote Influencing

Amazing tools when combined with other specialist techniques can help toward resolving all of your life & love problems. Kaz is an advanced level post graduate level trained & certificated remote viewer & remote influencer trained by Lyn Buchanan a remote viewing trainer for the US military during the Cold War.

Telephone Psychic readings

Kaz Psychic is warm and non-judgemental, friendly with a very high level of accuracy and clarity to offer no fairy stories - just the truth, in depth and in phenomenal detail.

Love problem solving

Kaz Psychic has over 43 years of experience solving all manner of love relationship problems be they minor, major or complex, Kaz Psychic has no known failures to date from those who followed advice given & whom have used specialist audio's provided in with packages of work undertaken. Please be sure to check out Kaz's terms and conditions.

Kaz Psychic the caring voice of Wisdom and Expertise

Kaz Cares because you matter

  • Remote viewing &remote influencing to advanced level.
  • Specialist clairvoyant love & relationship psychic
  • Love & relationship problem solving services
  • Astrological Synastry - love relationship compatibility
  • Love and relationship specialist non-esoteric services
  • Life coaching
  • Love relationship mentoring & counseling
  • Enhanced 12 strand DNA activation
  • Spell, hex and curse neutralization/removal
  • Love soul mate & twin flame psychic readings & problem solving services
  • Spiritual marriage service
  • Reuniting lost love partners service
  • Kaz accepts all major credit & debit cards.
  • Open 12.00 pm - 12.00 am (GMT)
  • 7 days per week.
  • Consultations cost £25.00 (GBP) for 20 minutes
  • + £1.00 (GBP) for each extra minute
  • No love or relationship problem is insoluble or too complex to resolve.
  • Kaz Psychic's specialist services are tailored to your own personal budget and so affordable to all.
  • Kaz Psychic is a love & relationship specialist psychic, remote viewer, remote influencer, astrologer & intuitive life coach.
  • Amazing Free gifts with every psychic reading or specialist service commissioned.
  • Kaz offers a completely confidential service and your personal details are NOT sold on to anyone. Data protection is 100% assured.
  • If you have a life or love problem
  • and you want a non-esoteric solution
  • you want a caring professional
  • and to be in good safe compassionate and empathic hands ......you have just found her!
  • Kaz Psychic has over 43 yrs of expertise & unrivaled success
  • Kaz Psychic is non-judgmental and friendly
  • Kaz Psychic resolves problems from the root cause so that results are lasting
  • Kaz Psychic is a masters degree level remote viewer & remote influencer
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FREE Kepler Astrology Chart With EVERY Psychic Reading
FREE Audio CD's & Kepler Astrology charts
With every Remote Viewing
OR Specialist Love Problem Solving Service commissioned.


These specialist techniques can offer deep insight and resolution to all of your life and love challenges

Kaz Psychic is also a life coach and can help you to restructure all aspects of your life & relationships.

Kaz Psychic has a very high level of accuracy, a highly developed 6th & 7th sense & 43+ years expertise

Kaz Psychic offers a potentially life changing experience using this amazing specialist service.

Kaz Psychic uses a diverse range of non-esoteric services to help resolve all of your love problems.

Kaz Psychic offers you in depth analysis and advice on how to better handle your love relationships

Kaz Psychic is an expert in Astrological Synastry (Love relationship compatibility) of great accuracy.

In addition to her main services Kaz Psychic also offers other services such as soul alignment etc


Kaz Psychic has a world wide family of happy and satisfied clients as her testimonials will reveal, read them for yourself both below and also by going here

Kaz Psychic Client Testimonial - Wendy from Kent UK

Wendy C. Kent"Kaz is an amazing lady and can help so many people given the chance. She really has saved my marriage and I will definitely recommend her to anyone in despair needing help as she can fix anyone’s marriage if she's fixed mine".

Kaz Psychic Client Testimonial - Kaumika Chatterjee Celebrated writer recognized by HM Queen Elizabeth UK Monarch

Kasumika Chatterjee, celebrated International writer recognized by HM Queen Elizabeth II. Coventry, UK "Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely marvelous! I have met many marvelous psychics, but Kaz excels everyone, I would like to talk to her again, just to chat".10/10

Kaz Psychic Client Testimonial - Pamela from Scotland UK

Pamela - Scotland"Wonderful reader! Unbelievable, so accurate! Kaz understands I've finally met someone who understands where I'm coming from. I will definitely come back: there's no way she could say the things she said without knowing me so accurately". 10/10!

Kaz Psychic Client Testimonial - Gloria from Manchester UK

Gloria Manchester "Very accurate. Kaz gave descriptions of people she couldn't possibly have known. Very surprised - very shocked. I will ring again. She scared me! I talked to a few psychics and they haven't been as good. She is really easy to talk to as well". 10/10!

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